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We do stop and think about all that we are thankful for on Thanksgiving and sometimes that’s the only time we think about it. Some people are thankful because it’s also a time for no dieting. The first time I spent Thanksgiving away from home, I wrote my mother (neither phone calls nor texting) and asked her how to cook a turkey and dressing. She wrote me back telling me in detail what to do. I still have her letter telling me how to cook a Thanksgiving dinner and I keep it in an old cookbook. The funniest story about cooking a turkey came from a friend. She and her sister were in charge of cooking the turkey that Thanksgiving and had never cooked a turkey before. They both worked hard on cleaning the turkey the day before Thanksgiving. One sister had company overnight and didn’t want to awaken them so she didn’t turn on a kitchen light. She put the turkey into the oven and accidentally turned on the oven cleaner instead of the temperature. The next morning they found the bird had turned into what looked like a baseball with two bones sticking out. She called her sister and said, “I cleaned the turkey.” Her sister said, “We cleaned the turkey yesterday!” She answered that she cleaned it again in the oven. They had to call a friend and invite him for dinner and asked that he pick up a cooked turkey from Kroger on the way. They said everyone complimented them on how good their turkey tasted. They didn’t tell anyone that story for a long time.

. The senior adults received a special treat last Tuesday at Tignall Baptist Church. Debra Hardigree, Denise Kirkland, Brooke Dawson and Brooks Thompson of CSRA Home Health cooked and served a delicious Thanksgiving meal that everyone enjoyed. After the meal they explained their program and gave out goody bags. Senior adults need to put December 4 on their calendar for the next senior adult meeting at Tignall Baptist. There will be a quartet providing Christmas music.

. The town of Tignall welcomes two couples to our town. Ryan and Karen Hoffman will be moving into the Wilbur Maney home and Bill and Diane Jordan have moved into the Frances Duke home. The Jordans are retired and from the Atlanta area. The Hoffmans have four children and have lived in Alaska where Ryan was stationed. Both couples wanted to live in the country and we are so glad they chose Tignall.

. Frances Johnson of North Augusta, S.C., spent last week at her home in Beulah. Pat Mack spent the week with her.

. April Rhodes of Augusta spent Saturday with her parents, Ed and Edna Rhodes. She came back to Beulah for the funeral of Krissy Kitchens on Wednesday.

. Scott, Kathy and Stacey Ware and Jackson Edwards enjoyed the Falcons game in Atlanta on Sunday.

. Alex and Kay Tyler attended the football game in Jefferson Friday night to see grandson, Jordan Tyler, play in the play offs.

. Weekend guests of Hugh and Nobie Keener were Chris, Angie, Madison, and Nolan Keener, and Brian, Jen, and Cassie Boatright all of Loganville.

. Congratulations to Karla and Josh Grimaud on the birth of another little girl born on Thursday, November 15. Little Reagan Grimaud weighed 7 lbs. and is 19 ½ inches long. She has a big sister, Rebecca, who I’m sure will lead little sister around.

. Anyone wanting to purchase a memory brick in memory of or in honor of a special person or for yourself, please call Nobie Keener at 706-285-3232. These bricks will be placed on the walkway to the gazebo. Memory bricks are $50 each. The committee also has cute long sleeve and short sleeve T-shirts for sale, just call 706-285-2736 or 706- 285-2058.

. We extend sincere sympathy to the families of Sara Dees, Krissy Kitchens, Bernice McAvoy, and Willie Tate. Please include these families in your prayers.

. Let’s keep the following people in our prayers: Laverne Kilgore, Martha Davis, Gail Craddock, Pat Mack, Loretta Cates, Jane Robb, Robbie Tanner, Lois Sale, Thomas & Mary Jane McAvoy, Margie Bunch, Kathryn Anderson, Edna Lamar, David Hilley, Julian & Helen Wilson, John Yochim, C.J. Rogers, Reese Smith, Diane Pullen, Ernest (Tubby) Clark, Sara Caldwell, George Grimaud, Pat Grimaud, Simon & Agnes Bridges, Tommy Johnson, G. B. Newsome, Jeannie Bruce, Dr. Kupperswamy, Dr. Finch, Sonny Howard, Hugh Teems, Frances Shank, Nita Allen, and Alex Price.

. “Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer.”

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