2013-05-16 / Worship

Power found when we walk God’s chosen path of grace

(Luke 12: 1-12)

Jesus warned his followers of the hypocrisy of the Pharisees, who taught the people just enough to keep them under their power, and did not live by the laws that they proclaimed. Earthly powers often work that way, spoon-feeding us what they want us to know, and failing us when the chips are down. Trusting in earthly things falsely inflates our sense of security, in the same way that yeast causes bread to expand with air. Yet Jesus’ followers made this mistake in his day on earth, and we still make it today. Jesus always knew that this was going to happen, and He warned that all falseness and hypocrisy eventually would be unveiled for the whole world to see (verses 1-3).

Jesus reassured his apostles that they need not fear those who threatened them with physical death. Rather, He warned them of those who could pose spiritual danger and the threat of condemnation to hell (verses 4, 5). He reminded his followers of God’s immeasurable love for all of his creation. If God is ceaselessly aware of the condition of every tiny little bird on earth, and if He knows every hair on our heads (verses 6, 7), then how infinitely precious must we be in his sight, we who were created in his own image. Jesus promised that those who confess Him – God’s only begotten Son – openly will be proclaimed to God’s angels in Heaven. But, those who deny Christ will be forgotten (verses 8, 9).

Today the gospel message is being proclaimed worldwide by the Holy Spirit through believers. Jesus warned that a person who hears the message of God’s Holy Spirit but refuses to accept it will not be forgiven, for to call God’s messengers liars is to say the same of the Holy Spirit, which is blasphemy (verse 10).

It is the Holy Spirit of God who leads us to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. And Jesus has promised that the Holy Spirit will always be in our hearts. We need not fear situations where we are confronted by the hypocritical powers of the earth. The Holy Spirit within us will always guide us along God’s path and give us the right words to say (verses 11,12).

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