2013-09-12 / Letters

Mail carriers could do more walking


When mailboxes started going up on the streets in Washington, and I knew that this requirement was only in committee for discussion and not fact, I went to Rep. Broun’s meeting and told him what was happening, and he asked his district director, Jessica Hayes, to look into it. She met with me to get filled in and then she ran with it. She contacted D.C., was referred to the Atlanta office, and found out that indeed, boxes did not need to be put on the street.

Jessica Hayes was great with this, and she called me regularly to keep me informed. So I contacted Kip and he followed up on what was going on and printed the truth.

When Sammy was my mailman before he retired, he just cut through from my yard to the next houses on down the street. He didn’t drive from house to house like is done now. I remember when Washington was always walked, as every other town. An Athens friend’s postman parks at the end of her street and covers both sides before going back to the truck.

Sitting on the Square the other day I watched a truck drive from store to store. If the post office wants to cut costs then park those trucks and pull out the old bags.

I know these men were only doing what they were told.

C. Carol Cartledge

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