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Annual reunion of Newsome descendants held August 10

Gathering in Ebenezer Baptist Church at the reunion are great-grandchildren of the late Joseph Thomas and Susan Reynolds Newsome. Gathering in Ebenezer Baptist Church at the reunion are great-grandchildren of the late Joseph Thomas and Susan Reynolds Newsome. Descendants of Joseph Thomas Newsome (1831-1897) and Susan Reynolds Newsome (1835-1915) gathered for their 60th annual reunion on Saturday, August 10, at Ebenezer Baptist Church in the Aonia community.

Their first reunion was held at Elijah Clark State Park in September of 1954. Around 150 descendants attended that event and 17 of those were present this year.

The theme of the reunion was “A 4th of July Picnic” and featured fried chicken and patriotic decorations, all under the direction of the planning committee headed by Jackie Bailey, Mary Ann Garrard, and Martha Jo Collins. David Garrard was chief cook, and family members brought vegetables, salads, and desserts for a bountiful meal.

Prior to the blessing, the group sang a selection of patriotic songs, accompanied by Paulette George, pianist.

Thomas and Susan Newsome had 15 children and over 100 grandchildren. The only known surviving grandchild is Marilyn Newsome Turner, age 88, of Gainesville, daughter of Adam B. Newsome. She was present at the first reunion and has missed only three since then; however, she was unable to attend this year, due to unforeseen circumstances. Also greatly missed this year was 95-year-old Lillian Newsome Sherman of Augusta, granddaughter of Robert Vickers Newsome, who is in post-surgery rehabilitation.

Nineteen of Thomas and Susan’s great-grandchildren were present and included Joanne Screws Holtz of Midville, granddaughter of Amanda Newsome Smith; Hugh Newsome of Covington, Anne Williamson Ellis of Augusta, Laura J. Harper Stewart of Union Point, Randolph Garrard of Brooks, Martha Garrard Collins of Watkinsville, Mary Ann Garrard and David Garrard, both of Washington, all grandchildren of Robert Vickers Newsome; Gloria Turner Cooper of Louisville, Jackie Turner Bailey of Austell, Jean Newsome Casey of Cedartown, Ramona Newsome King of Fletcher, N.C., Jim Newsome, G.B. Newsome, Jr. and Buzzy Turner of Washington, all grandchildren of Andrew Jackson Newsome; Harold Newsome of Cocoa, Fla., JoAnn Newsome Cathey of Buckhead, and Ramona Newsome Power of Martinez, grandchildren of William Crawford Newsome; and Julian A. Garrett of Clarkesville, grandson of Alexander Stephens Newsome.

The total number of attendees was around 80, and in addition to the above, included Harry Cooper and Mark Cooper of Louisville; Herbert Ellis, Herb and Judy Ellis, and Ann Cooper, all of Augusta; Donald Holtz of Midville; Nick and Carole Kraus of Twin City; Jack Cathey of Buckhead; Hoyt Power, Jamie and Charlene Newsome, Anna and Kyra, of Martinez; John T. Newsome of Atlanta; James Casey of Cedartown; Jerry King of Fletcher, N.C.; John Bailey of Austell; Bobby Newsome of Warrenton; Tony, Dianne, and Kay Cooper of Charleston, S.C.; Joey, Margaret Ann, Hunter, and Madison Locklair, and Vera N. Ansley of Thomson; Brian and Lisa N. Meister of Harlem; Dave and Mindi N. Peek and Rylen, of Acworth; Mary S. Newsome and Bob Newsome of Covington; Judith Garrett of Clarkesville; Shane N. Gaines of Nicholson; Shirley T. Garrard and Sandra Garrard of Brooks; Amanda Garrard of Comer; Karen H. Newsome, Marilyn T. Newsome, Hilda P. McCarty, Angela M. McGill, Tom and Melanie C. Wells; Peggy D. Brown, Tim Ray, Sparky and Mary Newsome, Margaret Rae Newsome and Reese, Dennis and Laurie Dehil, Hammond Garrard and McCamy Garrard, and Hannah Madaus, all of Washington; Dana Turner Scott, Amy Patterson, and Tiffany Patterson of Starr, S.C.

Descendants who died since last year’s reunion, Adelle Garrett Dehil, granddaughter of William C. Newsome; Elmyra Patterson Chafin, granddaughter of Robert V. Newsome, and Randy Garrard, great-grandson of Robert V. Newsome, were remembered.

For their work, time and efforts toward this reunion, much appreciation was expressed to Tom Wells, Mary Ann Garrard, Martha Garrard Collins, Jamie Newsome, Mark Cooper, Hammond Garrard, Laurie and Dennis Dehil, Ann Cooper, Paulette George, Nick Kraus, Donald Holtz, Harold Newsome, Jim Newsome, Peggy Brown, David Garrard, Jean Newsome Casey, and John and Jackie Turner Bailey.

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