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Signs of approaching autumn

Here are some more of Rachel Arnold’s reminiscing about the “earlier days.” Some parents never owned their own house, never wore Levis, never set foot on a golf course, never traveled out of the country or had a credit card. …In their later years they had something called a revolving charge card. The card was good only at Sears Roebuck – or maybe it was Sears & Roebuck. Either way, there is no Roebuck anymore. Just Sears. …My parents never drove me to soccer practice. This was mostly because we never had heard of soccer. … I had a bicycle that weighed probably 50 pounds, and had only one speed – slow. … We didn’t have a television in our home until I was 19 years old. It was, of course, black and white, and the station went off the air at midnight, after playing the national anthem and a poem about God. It came back on the air at about 6 a.m. and there was usually a locallyproduced news and farm show on, featuring local people. … I was 21 years old before I tasted my first pizza. It was called “Pizza Pie.” It was the best pizza I’ve ever had. …Pizzas were not delivered to our home but milk was. … I never had a telephone in my room. The only phone in the house was in the living room and it was on a party line. Before you could dial, you had to listen and make sure some people you didn’t know weren’t already using the line. l I’ve noticed that since the article appeared in last week’s News-Reporter about the large blue boxes for collecting used clothing at strategic locations around town, many of them have been removed from the premises. If you have clothing to donate, be sure to take it to God’s Marketplace on East Robert Toombs Avenue. It will benefit the people of Wilkes County in several ways. l

Wills Memorial Hospital Auxiliary will have its annual membership tea on Thursday, September 26, at 4 p.m., at the home of Ashley and Ames Barnett on Court Street. Members, new members, and prospective members are encouraged to attend. The Auxiliary is deeply involved in support of Wills Memorial Hospital which is so vital to our community. l

A sure sign of approaching autumn is the advent of blooming Goldenrods. Now, I know that the plant causes allergies to pop up for many people, but they are just a beautiful flower, especially when you can see a whole field of them about three or four feet tall on Depot Street. They seem to be a little early this year. Maybe they are a little confused with the unusual weather patterns as we humans are. … I remember that my fourth grade teacher, Miss Anne Sue Wynne, especially liked goldenrods and I have a spelling book collection with the drawing of a goldenrod on the cover. She kept all of our weekly spelling papers and at the end of the month we were required (in class) to put them into notebook form with an appropriate seasonal picture which we had drawn on the cover – regardless of how bad the drawing was. I still have all of my books and I keep them in my safety deposit box. (Is that not crazy??) l

We finally got some rain – most of it late Saturday. Most of us had not had a drop of rain since August 21, but we got good rain Saturday. Sonny at Tyrone got .8 of an inch; Norris on Hill Street got .9 of an inch; Aonia got 1.2 inches; and I got 1.1 inches on Lexington Avenue. Loran Smith, writing in last week’s News-Reporter, said that the famous Farmers Almanac predicts that the coming winter will be extremely cold. I’m ready for it. This hot, wet, and humid weather we have had has brought lots of mildew to my house, and I’ve spent the last three weeks trying to get rid of it. It’s no fun. l

Gas prices west to east through Washington on US 78 Monday were $3.36; $3.34; $3.37; and $3.34. l

There were 87 cars that registered for the Memory Lane Cruisers Cruise-In Saturday on The Square. There was a collection of all kinds of antique and vintage vehicles. The man who has been coming to recent Cruise-Ins and bringing some of his collection of Putt-Niks was present with three of his collection of restored treasures. A local young man told him that his dad had a Putt-Nik in the back of his garage and he was encouraged to get it restored. (No names were given.) Putt-Niks were constructed here some years ago by Chester Cummings. l

A house and 29 acres of land at 521 North By-pass in Washington was featured on the cover of the Today’s Home section of the Sunday Augusta Chronicle. l

Here are two more of Mark Waters’ collection of historic memorabilia. In George Washington’s day, there were no cameras. One’s image was either sculpted or painted. Some paintings of George Washington showed him standing behind a desk with one arm behind his back while others showed both legs and both arms. Prices charged by painters were not based on how many people were to be painted, but by how many limbs were to be painted. Arms and legs are “limbs” therefore painting them would cost the buyer more. Hence the expression, “Okay, but it’ll cost you an arm and a leg.” (Artists knew hands and arms were more difficult to paint.) l

Don't forget to wear white in support of Coach Allen White when you go to the Jefferson football game. Coach White is in the hospital for treatment of a heart problem. Fundraiser T-shirts are on sale at the high school.

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