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Schools now getting property tax income on time for the first time in several years

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The Wilkes County Board of Education got a double dose of good news in Monday night’s regular meeting: property taxes are being paid on time so the school system is properly funded, and the state school superintendent visited a Wilkes County school and was “very impressed.”

“The biggest news,” Superinten- dent Dr. Rosemary Caddell said, “is that property taxes are coming in on time for the first time since I’ve been superintendent. We’ve gotten $600,000 already, so having that back on schedule is a good thing.” In previous years, irregular property tax collections have forced the board to take out short-term loans to finance the operation of the school system, costing taxpayers even more in interest. Property tax billing has returned to a normal cycle for the first time in several years, allowing for the collection of taxes and disbursement into school system coffers in a timely manner.

The visit last week of Georgia Superintendent of Schools Dr. John D. Barge to Washington-Wilkes Middle School was a success. “He was very impressed,” Dr. Caddell said. “He was – and everybody is – absolutely shocked at the orderliness of our schools and our students. Everywhere he went, everything was orderly, teachers were teaching, children were doing what they should be doing, and he made that comment.”

The school board, including board chairman Ricky Callaway and members Dorothy Jordan, Dann Standard, Andrew Jackson, and Steve Albertson, also set the dates and times for 2014 board meetings. They agreed to keep the meeting day the third Monday of each month except for January and February when those Mondays are holidays, and also agreed to change the time of day for the meetings. After meeting at 7 p.m. for some years, the board discussed changing the meeting time to 2 p.m., and ultimately chose to do so.

In other business, the board approved the superintendent’s recommendation to spend $13,891.83 to have a remanufactured engine installed in one of the system’s 2002 model buses; held the first reading of the revision of a school policy concerning awarding units and transferring credits; and formally adopted new concussion management policies that are already in use in the system.

The next meeting of the school board will be at 2 p.m. Monday, January 27.

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