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Frances Wheelis WOM members gather at Pope home February 4

The Frances Wheelis Women on Mission of First Baptist Church met in the home of Susan and Edward Pope Jr. Tuesday evening, February 4. Linda Echols was co-hostess for the meeting.

Melanie Wells, facilitator, opened the meeting with the WMU Watchword and Leslie McAvoy, chaplain, gave a devotional from Jesus Calling with focus on Romans 8:31. She also led in prayer.

A business meeting followed and plans were finalized for the Valentine party at Heritage Healthcare of Wilkes on Friday, February 14. Also discussed were the plans for the Annie Armstrong Luncheon March 8 in the Mary Callaway Burton Fellowship Hall.

Announcements included WMU Focus Week and the plans surrounding that week; February 27 as being Awareness Day of People in Bondage/Human Trafficking; and March 2-9 being recognized at Week of Prayer for North American missions.

Kay Nelms led the mission action portion of the meeting. In addition to plans for the Valentine party, donations were made to Penfield Christian Homes, Hope Chest, Chris Drinkard and his family as he begins a two-year mission stay in the Philippines in the near future, and other projects in the community.

Mrs. Nelms also collected the items brought by members for the Women’s Ministry Blessing Baskets.

Mrs. Pope presented the program citing several references in “Mosaic” that concerned the mentoring of women and the importance that plays in the life of missions and the church. She related stories of her beginning in the mission program of the church as far back as Sunbeams, GA’s, YWA’s, Baptist Young Women, and now and how the women of the church played such an important role in her life. She closed her program in prayer.

Leslie McAvoy continued with the prayer calendar and Julia Palmer brought to the group several prayer concerns of Linda Dillworth, a missionary to the Philippines. After other names of the missionaries were given as well as those in the community with special needs, Sharon Williamson closed in prayer.

The hostesses served refreshments during a time of fellowship.

Present in addition to the hostesses were Leslie McAvoy, Sharon Williamson, Nancy Madden, Julia Palmer, Gail Gunter, Priscilla Moore, Rosemary Hopkins, Kay Nelms, and Melanie Wells.

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