2014-06-12 / Letters

Coal plants are inefficient, getting tired


There are those who would have us believe our electric bills will skyrocket simply because the EPA wants new regulations for coal plants. This all happens by 2030, the big question being, “will we even be here by then or will climate change take care of that for us?”

The average coal plant is good for 40 years – over half of our coal plants were built before 1980. Like a lot of old things, they are inefficient and getting tired. The coal industry gets all kinds of exemptions and tax breaks – how much of that has ever gone to improving their energy use? There is nothing clean about coal now. Coal pollution causes some 13,000 premature deaths per year, thus raising the true cost of coal energy.

Sooner or later, we will HAVE to find alternative energy. A 16-year-old girl from Turkey has invented a bioplastic from banana peels. Surely, our scientists and resident geniuses can also come up with new ways to provide electricity without polluting our air or destroying our environment.

Alternative energy will create new jobs, be more efficient, and help save our earth. Rather than creating panic, we should be happy someone is looking out for our health and our planet.


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