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Last commissioners meeting says farewell to D2’s McAvoy, long-time attorney LeGette


The December meeting of the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners marked the end of his term for one member, and the end of more than two decades of service by the county’s attorney.

Charles LeGette began his service as county attorney in 1993, following the late Jean W. Pierce in the position. He is retiring from the post as he begins to lighten his work load and move toward full retirement.

Kerry McAvoy will not return to his seat on the commission next month when newly elected Charles Jackson takes over following the District 2 election held in November.

“We really want to thank Charles for all the things he has helped us with, and helped us through,” Chairman Sam Moore said of LeGette’s 21 years with the county. “He’s been a pleasure to work with.”

Moore reported that he had talked with Attorney Chip Hardin who had agreed to take the position. Hardin already serves as solicitor for the Probate Court and is already on the county payroll in that regard. He has also agreed to serve as county attorney on the same pay scale that LeGette was using for many years without change.

“We really appreciate the amount Charles has charged us all these years,” Moore commented. “We hope the relationship with Chip can be similar to that.

“This is going to be a big change for everyone because we’ve got ten really used to working with Charles,” Moore continued. “We’ve been really lucky.”

“I’ve had a really good run and have enjoyed the relationships,” LeGette responded, “but it’s time. Thank you all.”

Hardin was unanimously approved as county attorney.

Moore also expressed the board’s appreciation to McAvoy for his term of service. “We’ve had some tough things to come up during the last four years but Mr. Kerry has been a real pleasure to work with,” he said.

“That goes both ways,” McAvoy responded. “When I ran for this office, I thought I was going to ‘go up there and straighten this county out and save a lot of money.’ But I found out that it couldn’t be run any better than it already was. David Tyler will pinch a penny half in two. This county is in very good hands.”

“I know that you have done everything that you could to make sure that things are run in an efficient way, and the time you spent has led to progress on everything. We really thank you for that,” Moore commented.

New commissioner Jackson was in attendance at the meeting and Moore extended a welcome to him as he will be seated on the board in January.

All commissioners, including Divenski Lee, Ed Geddings, Clem Slaton, McAvoy, and Moore, were in attendance at the board’s regular meeting on Thursday, December 11, as were County Administrator David Tyler, County Clerk Karen Burton, LeGette, and a few visitors.

In other business:

. At the recommendation of Geddings, a called meeting for mid-year budget review was scheduled for January 8 beginning at 1 p.m.

. An appointment to the Airport Commission to fill the unexpired term of McAvoy was tabled until the January meeting.

. Tiffany Rainey and Geddings were appointed to the CSRA Unified Development Authority.

. J.M. Sherrer was reappointed to the Board of Health.

. Appointments to the Wills Memorial Hospital Authority included Janie Cravens (four years), Lawrence Burton (four years), and Dr. David Kirk (one year).

. Appointments to the Recreation Board included Geddings and Craig Gammon (two years each), and Patti Booker (one year).

. A refund of beer and wine license fees was denied to Alvin Jones who had paid for a license and was then unable to operate his business.

. The board passed a trail grant resolution authorizing the application for a grant for War Hill.

. Commissioners approved a distilled spirits license for Stonewall’s Grill.

. The board approved the S5311 Title VI plan which is a non-discriminatory policy “handed down by the federal government through the state government,” according to Moore. “The DOT will make changes to this after we pass it,” he added. The plan deals with the policies and operations of the Wilkes Transit system.

. Tyler reported that Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax received for the month of October amounted to $78,311.84 and the Local Option Sales Tax for the same month was $50,902.67. TSPLOST funds received for October were $69,466.42.

. Moore welcomed John Singleton to the meeting. Singleton is a new county employee working with marketing and the Washington-­Wilkes Chamber of Commerce through the Payroll Development Authority. Singleton said that he is currently working to make the Chamber “a more pro-business” chamber and to increase its membership and participation.

. Moore reported that there have been improvements made on War Hill Road in anticipation of the upcoming Revolutionary Days celebration in February. “We got some funding through the DOT with help from Todd Long, Don Grantham, and Jamie Boswell, for work on the road and parking lot,” he said. “We really appreciate the DOT coming through with that.”

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