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The Office Cat

Tiger Band in need of uniforms

I have added one more “wild creature” to my collection at my house on Lexington Avenue. Friday night I was standing at my kitchen door about 8:15 p.m. trying to see if I could see the “blue moon” without going outside when something came whooshing by right by my screened porch. It was flying at eye level and had a wing span wider than I could stretch my arms out. I quickly opened the door and stepped out on my porch to see if I could see more, and there sitting on a low limb of the dogwood right outside my door was the biggest owl I have ever seen. I stood there fascinated and as still and quiet as I could be until it flew off to a tree on the edge of the pasture. Twenty-five years ago we had a family of barn owls that roosted in a tree on the edge of the back yard. Jim Burton and Jack Connell, who was associated with the Catholic orphanage up the street at that time were very interested in them. They spent a lot of time watching the owls at night and Jack pronounced us as “blessed” to have such a treat. We didn’t much think so when we had to clean up the mess they left in the yard, but they were fun to watch. … Now, if I could just see that black bear lumber through my yard, I would be happy. l

I didn’t get any reports of rain this past week except from Sonny at Tyrone. An email from him says he “ended up with .2 of an inch through Saturday. Had 2.3 inches for the month of July, compared to five inches last year in July.” His total rainfall for the year to date is 26.4 inches. … I didn’t have but a sprinkle as did most other areas. l Gas prices remain about the same. West to east on Robert Toombs Avenue as of Sunday afternoon prices were $2.55; $2.63; $2.65; and $2.64. l

It’s a sad commentary on America when the FBI feels the need to conduct gatherings at churches to help the congregations know what to do and how to protect themselves if a “shooter” or other armed men invade the church. Many of us Americans are experiencing things now that we never would have ever thought we would have to face. On the news on television, there are pictures of abortionists standing around arguing over the prices of fetus parts. Now how weird and sick is that. And then there is the controversy over gay rights; and the large gatherings of protesters or supporters of the flags. Maybe when the high temperatures of 100 degrees are over and cool down and we get into fall, things will cool down a bit. l

The Braves are not doing too well right now, but then, none of the other teams are doing much either. I don’t get all this trading of players, and I don’t think the players like it either or even know what’s going on. I saw a young pitcher for one of the teams in the National League who was very emotional about having been traded, and I felt so sorry for him. … and football will soon be starting up soon and I am not happy about that. But I’m just one and there are hordes of football fans. … Oh, well. March will be coming again and maybe things will have cooled down a bit and we can just enjoy the game. l

Several houses in town and in the county have sold in recent weeks. I am working on getting a list of them and their new owners. Maybe next week. l

Hummingbirds have made a terrific comeback in Wilkes County. The beautiful hummers did not arrive several weeks ago as usual and expected by hummer lovers. Many of the usual hummer-watchers put out feeders and did their usual things to attract the beautiful birds, but to no avail. But they began arriving about two weeks ago and some hummingbird watchers say they are having trouble keeping their feeders full. So if you haven’t put your feeders out, now is the time. If they follow the usual pattern, there are still several more weeks of hummingbird time. l

I have had invitations to visit many churches in my 83 years but Saturday was the first time I have had an invitation in Wilkes County to visit a Mormon church. I was handed the invitation at the Farmers Market Saturday morning. The church is to be established in the house at 109 West Liberty Street and will have open house on Saturday, August 15, 7-9 p.m. l

The Washington-Wilkes Tiger Marching Band is in need of more community support. Band Boosters raised enough money for the band to have band camp this summer, but they need new uniforms and supplies, and flags for the flag girls. The uniforms being used now are about 10 years old and the band director, Emme Hines, says there is very little money available. You can contact Miss Hines, or Tara Townsend and Demario Gresham at the school for more information. … The Tiger Band has an illustrious history. It began many years ago when Billy Verran came to Washington with a circus band and circus. When the circus moved on, Verran stayed on here and organized the high school band in the 1930s. He married a Wilkes County girl – Elizabeth (Wush) Ware – whose sister, Mabel Ware Johnson still lives here. At first he taught students how to play instru- ments at his home for 50 cents per lesson, but later became a member of the high school staff. When he left here Walter Graham became the director. Mrs. Leila Ward, who was an excellent seamstress, and Mrs. Jack Paschal made those first uniforms which were “very fancy.” l

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