2015-09-17 / Letters

To the Editor

Councilman in Rayle says she had no responsibility with keys

(Editor’s note: The following letter was received in our office last week. As stated in the story referenced, “State law requires that all elections material be under the exclusive control of the city clerk, and not accessible to elected officials.”)

Dear Mr. Burke,

Relating to the article that you wrote last week in The News-Reporter, I have a problem with a statement that you wrote.

You stated that we held back from giving Mrs. Buff keys to the City Hall door and the office door. At no time have I held from giving Mrs. Buff keys. I have no responsibility in handling keys and I, myself, do not even have a key to the office door. I have no reason to have a key for the office door. I do have a key to the front door but that is the only key that I have.

You wrote this article without asking Jason Echols nor myself if this was true or not. You wrote only what Mrs. Buff said and this was not true in my case. To you maybe this is not a big deal, but for me it is.

I consider this to be a false statement and I would like a retraction of that statement.


JO ANN W. PEREZ Councilman

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