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Poland’s book seeks to preserve memories of fading rural South

Tom Poland, author and popular columnist for The Lincoln Journal, will discuss Georgialina, A Southland As We Knew It at the Book Tavern Sunday, March 6, at 1:30 p.m. at 936 Broad Street in Augusta, next door to New Moon Café.

Poland will give an illustrated talk, sharing photographs from the book and other photos that reveal the stories behind the stories. He’ll sign copies afterwards.

The University of South Carolina Press published Georgialina, of which Pat Conroy wrote, “Tom Poland brings the fading and forgotten rural South back to life with a deeply felt reverence for the power of story to preserve our shared past. In these pages, we ride shotgun with Tom past covered bridges, tenant homes, country stores, and sweetgrass basket stands into a South that – like the Goat Man – we may never see again.”

“ Some of us must preserve things,” wrote Poland in Georgialina. “We can’t let everything slip through our fingers. Writing this book kept me longing for the past and from that longing rose a land of memories and experiences called Georgialina, A Southland. It’s my hope it brings you a sense of place and soothes your sense of loss for things that are no more.”

Much of the book owes its existence to Poland’s early days growing up in Lincoln County. Many stories trace their origins to his columns in The Lincoln Journal. “Georgialina” makes for a good title. Poland, who was born in Augusta and grew up in Lincoln County, lives in Columbia, South Carolina.

For more information, call 706- 826-1940.

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