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‘Shakespeare’s Garden in the South’ set at Toombs House on day of Tour

Robert Toombs Family and Friends will present a Garden Heritage program Saturday, April 2, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. entitled “Shakespeare’s Garden in the South” aimed at emphasizing Washington’s community garden heritage at the Robert Toombs House Historic Site, 216 East Robert Toombs Ave.

“Robert Toombs loved the works of William Shakespeare,” Curator Marcia Campbell said, “and Robert Toombs’ family came from Stratford, England, just like Shakespeare. To show that many of our typical and most familiar spring plants came from England, these plants are exemplified here at the Toombs House and in our community. Robert Toombs loved his wife Julia’s spring flowers, and wrote to her about the loveliness of spring.”

To exhibit and interpret the documentation, literature, and art that emphasize Toombs’ interest in Shakespeare’s works, visitors will enter downstairs for a brief program introduction, Campbell explained.

The program will begin with “William Shakespeare’s Garden Scene,” which will include a lifesize drawing,” she contined. “Flags will be flying just like they flew at the Globe Theatre; gingerbread will be served as one of the concessions served in the 1500s and 1600s at the Globe Theatre. The gingerbread recipe dates to the year 1333.”

After sampling a taste of history, visitors will go upstairs to the West Wing where the living history program will begin. Each character will provide insights into Shakespeare’s use of the characteristics of plants in each of his works and tell where these plants are located in the gardens at the Robert Toombs House.

Admission is $4. The event coincides with the Spring Tour of Homes.

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