2016-07-07 / News

Delayed Enlistment Program allows four to finish school

Jada Brittian, Octavius Cofer, Johnathan Davidson, and Gabriel Mills have joined the United States Army under the Delayed Enlistment Program. The program allows new recruits to delay reporting for basic military training for up to 270 days while they finish their educations and prepare for their military careers.

As recruits, the soldiers will have many options available to learn new skills while serving the country and will become eligible to receive more than $37,440 toward college educations and $50,000 for repayment of qualifying college loans.

After completion of basic military training, the soldiers may receive advanced individual training in a career job specialty prior to being assigned to a permanent duty station.

Brittain reported to Fort Benning, Georgia, and Cofer reported to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, for basic training this spring. Davidson and Mills will report to Fort Benning for basic training in June 2017.

Brittian is the daughter of Connie Williams of Washington and is a 2016 graduate of Washington-­Wilkes Comprehensive High School.

Cofer is the son of Tanika Barnes and Jontue Cofer of Washington and is a 2016 graduate of W-WCHS.

Davidson is the son of Deidre Shelton of Keyesville, Georgia, and Scotty Davidson of Washington. He will be a 2017 graduate of W-WCHS.

Mills is the son of Thomas and Patricia Mills of Crawfordville, and will be a 2017 graduate of W-WCHS.

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