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All voting precincts open for November 8 election

The first thing to know about the November 8 presidential election is that no polling places have been closed or consolidated, and that all voters should cast their ballots at their usual voting place, voter registrar Debbie Anderson said to the Washington City Council Monday night. “Any precinct consolidation is just at the discussion stage, nothing has changed. We will still have seven precincts in November, don’t be confused about something we’re talking about for the future. All precincts will be open November 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.”

In addition, Anderson announced that Wilkes County’s state senator and representatives will be in Washington Tuesday, September 27, at 6 p.m. to inform voters on the four changes to the Georgia state constitution that are on the November 8 ballot. “Don’t skip the proposals, and don’t guess. Come listen, learn, and ask questions. Your representatives are not coming to tell you how to vote, but to explain what is involved in each resolution, including Senate Resolution 287, Senate Resolution 7, House Resolution 1113, and Senate Resolution 558. Copies are available to read in the voter registrar’s office.

The first absentee ballots will go out September 20, when Georgians will cast their ballots for offices of president, for state senator, and for the Toombs District district attorney.

“The deadline to register to vote is October 11,” Anderson said, “and in-person early voting starts Monday, October 17, 8-5 in the registrar’s office. We’ll have Saturday voting from 9-4 on October 29.”

Anderson suggests droping off voter registration or address changes at the registrar’s office rather than mailing them. “They go to Atlanta, then here, and it can take a long time.”

All local elections have been settled except the race to replace Senator Bill Jackson in the state senate, and the race to replace the Toombs Judicial District Attorney, retiring DA Dennis Sanders, between his assistants, Bill Doupé and Woody Davis.

Voter registration can be easily accomplished online, Anderson said. “There is now an online registration site at the Secretary of State’s website, www.sos.ga.gov, or you can download a smart phone app found at ‘Georgia Votes’ or ‘GA votes.’ This will provide you with the online voter registration app as well as the ‘My Voter page’ app. Sample ballots for Democrat, Republican, and non-partisan candidates are available on the My Voter page.”

Early voting is conducted in the Voter Registrar Office, Room 113 in the Wiles County courthouse. Enter by the ground floor west-side entrance.

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