2016-09-15 / Letters

Letters to the Editor

Negativity has touched Tignall; process of charter change has begun


With all the negativity in the world today with regard to the police, it is very unfortunate that our little town has been touched in such a negative way.

As noted in an earlier edition of the newspaper (8/25/2016), our mayor dissolved our one-man police department. For every citizen that did not like our policeman, there was another that thought a lot of him. Personalities clash and harsh words are spoken but at the end of the day, we had our town policeman, who all the townsfolk knew by name – not Mayberry, but close.

Our council was blindsided and disrespected in the worse possible way. I hate we have failed so many of you in Tignall in our effort to correct this wrong. For those of you who have called, some time is needed to change our charter but our city attorney has started the process.

NOBIE KEENER Tignall City Council

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