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‘Thank You’ to sponsors, volunteers


On Saturday, February 4, the members of the Washington-Wilkes Chamber of Commerce came together at the annual awards banquet to celebrate those businesses and individuals who represent the best of us all as businesses, charities, citizens, and volunteers. These awards are not to be taken lightly nor are the contributions that each recipient makes each and every day to make Wilkes County the best it can be.

Georgia’s Agriculture Commissioner, Gary W. Black, was the guest speaker at the awards banquet. He spoke of five principles which, if applied in life, will result in open opportunities and success. One of those was the simple but often overlooked “Thank you.” If someone does a good deed and you compliment them on how well it was done – you have not said, “Thank you.” Yes, compliment them but make sure you say those two simple, overlooked words – thank you!

That being said, the Washington Wilkes Chamber of Commerce and I, personally, would like to say “Thank you” to all the sponsors and volunteers at this year’s annual awards banquet.

To the sponsors whose financial support made this annual event possible, “Thank you!” Those sponsors included Southern Scratch, Reville Realty, AgGeorgia Farm Credit, Debbie Bennett, Bee Southern, Berry Plastics, Court Street Livery, Barnett Southern, Wood Specialty Co., Wilkes County Cattlemen’s Association, F&M Bank, Wilkes Eye Center, Red Land Motel and Farmers State Bank. These businesses support the Chamber and we all should support each of them.

And now to the volunteers. Those in attendance at the banquet enjoyed a flawless evening which included a speech given by Georgia Trend’s “Georgian of the Year,” Commissioner Gary Black and a fabulously prepared and served meal. We all left well fed, entertained, and enlightened. But how did that happen? Volunteers.

Each member of the board of directors volunteered their time for weeks to sell tickets, decorate, shop, and clean up on Sunday. Ms. Amy Harkins, Mr. Kyle Wilson, Mr. Michael Atkinson and the students of the Future Farmers of America volunteered their Saturday night to serve the meal. Sissy Murray and Roger Coffee prepared the delicious vegetables.

And the night could not have gone forward without the dedication to the event given by Tommy Davis and Coty Denard of one of Washington’s newest businesses, The Hot Box. They managed both the kitchen and the bar at the banquet. They also volunteered to prepare 175 pounds of brisket, 25 pounds of rice, desert and salad and dressing in order to feed 150 people. This feat required taking their restaurant ovens offline and dedicating them to cooking brisket 24 hours per day for four days.

To all of the volunteers, “Thank you!”

If it weren’t for volunteers and sponsors the Chamber would not be a success.

My sincerest: “Thank you.”

JOHN SINGLETON Executive Director

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