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The Office Cat

One-act plays coming up

Have you ever seen more beautiful weather than we have had this January and February, 2017? If we didn’t have the wind blowing so fiercely most of the time, it would be perfect. It’s perfect weather for taking a walk, so get out and do it while you can. I’m sure we are not out of the woods yet. Norris Ware on Hill Street reports .75 of an inch of rain for this past week, and I got a half inch on Court Street. I haven’t heard from Sonny at Tyrone. l

Last year when I was told to sit in the sun to help heal stitches in my head following a fall, I sat on my front porch and just to have something to do while sitting, I counted cars. I soon learned that the dominant color for vehicles was white or gray. Just recently I discovered that red seems to be the dominant color for vehicles in 2017. In 45 minutes one day, I counted 18 red vehicles. You’re right. Traffic is heavy at the corner of Jefferson and Court streets. l

On a recent early morning walk (not too early), I met Randee and Jim Barry about to have coffee and doughnuts on the sidewalk tables at Southern Scratch on The Square. They invited me to join them and I’ve never had a better doughnut anywhere. (Ask Kathryn what kind they were.) As it turns out, they were celebrating Jim’s birthday and Randee’s in a few days, so we sang “Happy Birthday” twice. … Jim and I both have real shillelaghs (walking canes) and enjoy comparing notes on them. Jim’s came straight from Ireland when they visited Ireland. Mine is straight from Henry Harris’ Petal Pushers many years ago. Jim has recently put his aside because he doesn’t need it any more. I have been using mine since 1980 and don’t have plans to retire it yet. l

Those of you who regularly read this column know that I have been struggling to find items for the column. Last week I thought about all the sickness and medical problems in our county in recent days and that reminded me of the many doctors who have given of their time and knowledge to minister to the people of Wilkes and surrounding counties. I started listing their names and realized that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. So I enlisted a bit of help and following is what we came up with. I am sure there are others who have served as doctors in this county and I just haven’t listed them here. I started out just listing native Wilkes Countians who had medical degrees, but that didn’t work because there are so many others who need to be recognized. I’m sure I have probably left out your favorite and if so, please call and remind me. (706-678-7781). Here goes, in no particular order, and with first names when I could remember them, and just a last name when it just didn’t come to me:

Dr. C.E. Wills, Dr. Joe Wills, Dr. Dan Duggan, Dr. Dan Duggan Jr., Dr. Addison W. Simpson, Dr. Addison Simpson Jr., Dr. Bob Jones, Dr. Mack Hobby, Dr. Rob Stephens, Dr. Rob Simpson, Dr. Sophia Bamford, Dr. Mickey Standard, Dr. Marshall Guill, Dr. Casteel, Dr. Peggy Lindsey, Dr. Patti Lindsey, and Dr. John Lindsey. Dr. David Hardy, Dr. Ralph Hopkins, Dr. H.T. Harris, Dr. Thomas Nash, Dr. O.S. Wood, Dr. M.C. Adair, Dr. Stan Coe and Dr. Elizabeth Coe, Dr. Katharine Sanders, Dr. David T. Kirk, Dr. Lester Johnston, Dr. Kirk Dodson, Dr. B.N. Kuppuswamy, Dr. Bo Griffin, Dr. Willis Sherrer, Dr. Fred Sessoms, Dr. Carlton Hearn, Dr. Logan, Dr. C.J. May, Dr. Bruce Holes, Dr. Gene Pollock, Dr. Ed Pollock, Dr. H.T. Harris, Dr. John Morrow, Dr. Martha Lee Smith McCraney, Dr. Elaine Langdon, Dr. Rebecca Langdon, Dr. Jim Finch, Dr. Erick Pagan, and Dr. Dan McAvoy ... Nurse Practitioners include Julie Burton, Heather Purdy, Sally Bowen Reeder, and Bruce Bailey. If you know of others, please call me. l

The Washington Little Theater Company is gearing up for its new theater season beginning with two one-act plays to be performed by the Washington-Wilkes High School Performing Arts Team and directed by Libby Foster. At a recent Georgia regional performance competition, Superhero Sanitarium took third place and cast members Jonathan Davidson and Bobby Heard received Best Supporting Actors for the entire region and the All Star award, respectively. The two oneact plays, Speed Date and Superhero Sanitarium will be presented by the group on February 24-25 at 7:30 p.m., and February 26 at 2:30 p.m. Reservations are recommended. l

Still remembering that here in Wilkes and surrounding counties we still have so much sickness, sadness, death, and heartache, here are a few verses that may give us a little comfort. It’s titled “Thinking of you today and sending a helpful thought.” It’s by Perry Tankersley.

When we inquire, “Where are You, God?” That’s not a sin, It’s an invitation that lets God in.

When we inquire, “Where are You, God? That’s not unbelief. That’s faith crying out Seeking God’s relief.

When we inquire, “Where are You, God,?” That’s not distrust. That’s faith on tiptoes Bringing God to us.

When we inquire, “Where are You, God?” That’s prayer from the soul, A prayer that God loves – A prayer that makes us whole.

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