2017-04-20 / Personalities

Washington Personal Mention

Norris and Frances Ware attended church services at Sardis Baptist Church on Sunday going especially to see great-grandson Sawyer Callaway sing special music with the children of the church. Later they had lunch with Pam, Boyce, and Avery Hall. Also joining them were Maegan Rushton of Grovetown and Josh, Lindley, Sawyer, and Liam Callaway. l

Jeff, Kim, Cale, and Kara Ledbetter and Tyler Graham of Elberton, Glen, Jane, Jesse, and Jordan Echols; Jessica and Graham Echols, Lisa and Kenny Isham, Susan Seward and Art Descoteaux of Washington-Wilkes, and Tony, Laura, Audrey, and Abby Williamson of Thomson were Easter dinner guests of Alice and Buddy Lindsey. l

Joining Susan and Edward Pope Jr. for Easter were Katherine, John, Anna, and Caroline Gentry of Athens, Susan, Edward, Wesley, and Eliza Pope, and Norma Hopkins. l

Shirley and Boots Gunter spent Easter Sunday with Alicia, Cread, Luke, and Porter Brown at their home in Lula. They accompanied the Browns for the Easter service at their home church, Trinity United Methodist Church, in North Hall County. After the service, Allison Hale of Athens joined them for lunch at the Brown home. l

Beth and Will Boyd of Spartan- burg, S.C., visited during the Easter holidays with Bill Boyd. l

Frances and Harold Hensley of Chatsworth were in Washington during the Easter holidays and visited Jane Newsome on Friday. l

Jan Kirsch of Marietta visited several days during the Easter holidays with her mother, Adelaide Lindsey. l

Joanna Delany of Columbia, S.C., enjoyed an Easter weekend visit with her family, Marcia and Jack Delany. Gina and Jessica Gay of Lawrenceville visited the family on Saturday. l

Easter Sunday dinner guests of Betty Reese were Cindy and Staten Bitting of Augusta, Neil Bitting of Atlanta, Pam and Mike Reese of Evans, John Reese, Joe Reese, and Brittany and Will Reese of Martinez, Joanne and Gene Pollock, and Libby Bitting of Augusta who came on Saturday for an overnight visit with her grandmother. l

Susan and Edward Pope Jr. were in Oconee County Thursday night to join Katherine, John, Anna, and Caroline Gentry at the Oconee County High School-Newton County High School soccer game and senior night festivities. Both granddaughters are members of the soccer team and Anna was recognized in the senior festivities. The family enjoyed dinner after the game with other friends, Patti and Sil Colalancia and Sil, also of Watkinsville.

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