2017-07-06 / News

Shelter urgently needs adoptions especially for cats, but dogs too

A surge of abandoned cats has put the Wilkes County Animal Shelter at full capacity for housing, thus creating an urgent need for kittens and adult cats to be adopted by loving families.

Due to the shelter reaching full capacity, a reduction or complete waiver of adoption fees will be applied depending on the age of the cat, and how long the animal has been living at the shelter.

Those interested may also help the shelter by fostering a kitten or cat, if they are not able to adopt the animal themselves.

Additionally, a litter of six puppies – born on June 13 at the shelter – along with the mother, are in need of a foster home until they reach five-weeks-old.

Three adult dogs that have been diagnosed as heart worm positive are likewise in need of foster homes for their treatment.

“The treatment involves a series of injections and dogs need to be out of shelter for this,” director Darren Altman said. “We will pay for the cost of treatment.”

Furthermore, regular volunteers are needed to help with various miscellaneous tasks at shelter, and to help walk the dogs.

If volunteer efforts, adoption, or fostering are not feasible, monetary donation are always welcome at the shelter, and are tax deductible. Other possible donations could include dog or cat food, bedding, treats, leashes, toys, food bowls, and any other pertinent, pet care items.

Those who wish to volunteer or make a donation may call Altman at the Wilkes County Animal Shelter at 706-678-2287. Shelter hours are Tuesday-Friday from 9 a.m.-2 p.m., and Saturdays from 9 a.m.-noon.

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