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Board keeps millage rate the same at 16.75 for ’18

news editor

The Wilkes County Board of Education voted for tentative approval of this year’s millage rate, which was recommend to remain at 16.75 mills by Superintendent Dr. Rosemary Caddell.

The quorum, made up of Chairman Ricky Callaway and board members Dann Standard and Ashley Barnett, voted for the tentative approval with the understanding that the vote could be, though unlikely according Callaway, thrown out should the absent members Horace Jordan or Diundra Norman take issue with the decision.

“We already know that come next year’s budget – FY19 – that we will incur another $450,000 that we have no control over,” Dr. Caddell included. “That will be an increase to TRS and an increase to state merit that we have already been told is coming, so we know that we need to prepare our budget for almost another half-million dollar bid.”

Additionally, in light of the old fencing around Tiger stadium being removed – with some of it being put up around the practice field at the elementary school – the board voted to donate the remainder of the fence to the county to be used by the parks and recreation department, so that it can go around its practice football field.

The board voted to accept a bid from Piedmont Propane of $1.29 per gallon to heat the bus shop in the winter for the fiscal year 2018.

Approval was given to a training report for FY2017. The report shows that training has been completed by board members, and will be sent to the Department of Education.

The board also approved a training plan for FY2018.

The next meeting of the Wilkes County Board of Education will be held on Monday, August 21, beginning at 2 p.m. at the board office.

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