2017-07-20 / Front Page

Young people say, ‘Hands Off’ when it comes to drugs

Four young students (holding sign, l-r) Anaijah Robinson, Ganajah Graves, Kiwanis Curry, and Kentavious Starks, along with SAP Assistant Shanalie Chambers (left) and SAP Facilitator Roxeann Cobb (right) made a brief presentation at last Thursday’s regular meeting of the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners during which they explained what they had learned.

The Wilkes County Community Partnership receives funds from the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners to conduct SAP (Substance Abuse Prevention) programming with about 120 Washington-Wilkes young people in the school, church, and community. Classes were held during the 2017 Summer Camp at the Reese Booker Center, June 19-July 13 and the young people were engaged in various activities to promote abstinence from drug use and abuse.

The SAP curriculum included information regarding types of drugs, the definition of substance abuse, and knowledge of the health consequences and risk factors of substance use and abuse. The finale event was the young people’s pledge to be drug-free, which is highlighted in their poster, “I pledge to keep my hands off drugs!”

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