2017-08-03 / Letters

Wills Memorial is friendly and attentive; the only drawback – quiche


My father, Bill Boyd, recently was treated at Wills Memorial Hospital. Libbet, Beth, and I spent many hours with him during his time there, and observed, time after time, and day after day, professional caregivers that not only provided compassionate, competent care, but also kindness, patience, friendliness, and dedication to their profession and to Dad.

Dad said jokingly over and over that no matter how hard he looked, he could not find anything to complain about, until his last week. He was served quiche, which is not his favorite. That was it. After almost three weeks of hospital stay, he identified that as his only complaint.

I am not a hospital administrator, nor a medical practitioner, but even I can be reasonably confident that that is an incredibly good reflection of a medical facility’s performance. The list of individuals that we owe great appreciation to is long, and their cumulative efforts, for which we are very grateful, resulted in much improvement in Dad’s health.

I am aware of the efforts of Wills Memorial to remain competitive in this extremely difficult health care environment, and I’ve been exposed to other hospitals with more floors, or higher tech diagnostic equipment, or larger staffs. But I am fairly certain I can say that nowhere is there a more professional, dedicated, friendly, compassionate, and attentive medical team than that whom we met and came to know during those several weeks. Washington truly has a gem in the form of Wills Memorial and I would certainly recommend it as a valued medical resource worthy of support by all.


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