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A friend went last week to have his oil changed in his truck and a bird nest was found under the hood with little bird eggs in the nest. I may have mentioned this before but Alex and Kay Tyler went to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Flo, their cat, rode under the hood to Charlotte. They found her after they got there. No one knows now what’s under the hoods of vehicles since they don’t have service stations for anyone to check under your hood. Let’s hope snakes don’t ride to town under your hood. Now everyone is going to be paranoid about it since I mentioned it.

. When my sister and I were children we made our own entertainment. I remember when snuff came in the mail as a sample. We were busy going through the glove compartment in the car because we had nothing else to do, and we found some peach snuff that had come in the mail. Well, the word peach sounded like it might be pretty good. So I told Kay to try it first and then I would try it. Kay would try anything. I was a little chicken. When she put it in her mouth, she started spitting and making such an awful face that I decided I wouldn’t try it. A cousin of ours was behind someone in the grocery store recently and this person was buying snuff. I didn’t know they sold it anymore. She said that can of snuff cost $18. I hope it lasted a long time. Isn’t it awful to have to pay for something that tastes that bad?

. Speaking of something that costs so much more than it did 50 years ago…Greg Tyler has been in Colombia, South America, lately and he said in the mini bar in their hotel room was a can of national canned food. He said it was Vienna sausage and one can cost $8.50. That was a food that my daddy always took when he went fishing and he didn’t pay a third of that for it. We ate them with saltines. I’m so glad the snacks are different these days.

. Richard and I spent all day Saturday at Evans High School watching ballgames. Wilkes County was well represented by Ernest and Fay Lamar, Bruce and Gretchen Lamar, Ty, Zane, and Alex, Craig and Sandra Gammon and Curt and us. We were all there to watch Alex and Curt play baseball with their travel ball team. Another former Wilkes County lady was Trudy Gallo who was there with her family to watch her son, Lawrence, playing on an opposing team. She stayed on with all of us and we enjoyed catching up and doing our teacher talk. Gretchen was busy taking pictures from a photo stand which was labeled “Reserved for photographer.” We want one of those in Wilkes County. She could stand on that and see over the fence to take pictures of the players. I don’t know about the others, but I came home with parched eyeballs. What about all that rain that was in the forecast? I didn’t see any rain. There is no need to listen to weather forecasts. There may be three or four different reports, so I suggest just looking out the window or better yet, go outside and check the weather ourselves.

. Does it seem like all emergencies in health and problems with appliances or the water happens after midnight or over the weekend? That’s when doctors are not on duty or those who work on appliances and air conditioning or plumbers are not working. I remember my son having asthma attacks every November on the weekends and late at night. How can we be ready for these things to happen? We aren’t prepared for accidents or damaging lightning and winds. With every lightning strike last week I would run and check the refrigerator and freezer. It’s heart breaking when you lose everything in a freezer. I know from experience. I understand several people lost electrical items last week.

. Cousins meeting together at Yesterday Café in Greensboro for lunch Tuesday of last week were Jo-Anne Danner, Mary Will Denard, Elaine and Chuck Mollenkopf of Warner Robins, and Bill and Karol Duffell of the Lake Sinclair area. They all enjoyed lunch and the fellowship together. Their cousin, Ralph Denard did not get there for lunch but met them all later that day.

. Marjorie Gibson of Dallas, Georgia spent from Thursday, July 20, through Monday, July 24, with her sister, Peggy Sale. They spent one day in Athens and on Saturday they went to Elberton and got lunch and ate with their aunt, Evelyn Oglesby. They enjoyed their visit with her.

. Lacey and Jade Fincher enjoyed a day at Six Flags on Tuesday of last week.

. Visiting with Layton and Gloria Harris last week were cousins, Donnie and Benita Henry of Moultrie.

. I understand Ellyn Bunch has been visiting Elaine Presnell and her family in Carrollton.

. Linda Aycock, Vivie Ann Wilson, and Tonya Callaway took a shopping trip to the Mall of Georgia last Friday. That was a 14 hour shopping trip. I know that was an effort. Of course part of that time was driving there and back. They are really into shopping.

. Leon and Linda Aycock visited with Gloria Johnson and Daniel Wheeler in Elberton on Saturday.

. On Sunday afternoon Leon and Linda visited with Jimmy and Lynn Ellison and daughter Jen and Cory of Lincolnton. While in Lincolnton they visited with Danny Aycock.

. The Back-to-School Bash Sunday evening at Tignall Baptist was the fun place to be for kids and adults. The fun really began when the fire truck sprayed all the water on the kids. A couple of kids took advantage of the mud hole left by some of the water and rolled in the mud then got sprayed again. They thought that was so neat until the parents found out.

. Those meeting together for an Alpha Theta executive board meeting at the First Baptist Church in Washington last Thursday were from Wilkes County, Daphne Albertson, Pauline Bell, Gail Duggan, and Carolyn Gammon, from Lincoln County, Sharon Danner and Pat Moss, from McDuffie County was Dr. Hanna Fowler, Sherry Shultz from Greene County, Vickie Dorn from Columbia County, and from Oglethorpe County, our president, Lola Bell, Laura Croom, and Carla Houston. Plans were made for the coming new year.

. Many of you have heard about Marc Hammond being diagnosed with cancer. Marc will be staying in Atlanta for several months starting this August. He will be starting the stem cell transplant on August 15. A fund has been established at F&M Bank for Marc. If anyone would like to contribute, make checks out payable to benefit for Marc Hammond. Heather says they are not asking for help but they appreciate anything that people do for them. Marc probably will be back in Wilkes County around Thanksgiving. He and his wife, Heather and boys, Brock and Camden, all need our prayers.

. We extend sympathy to the family of Les Robb.

. Let’s keep the following people in our prayers this week: Duane White, Tommie Heard, Lisa Roberson, Esper Lee, Ricky McCarty, Steve Blackmon, Larry Roberson, Valerie Blakey, Bobby Wall, Linda Albea, Kay Berry, Kay Fincher, Jerry Wilson, Wadine Cosby, Ellyn Bunch, Dr. Gene Pollock, Deborah Prince, Walter Branham, Marc Hammond, Jane Newsome, Karen Newsome, Douglas Wheatley, Jeanna Reville Worley, Jeannie Harper Carter, Kathryn Anderson, Mary Newsome, Reese Smith, Karin Lindsey, Debbie Lindsey, Mary Katherine Dyson, Jean Rhodes, Adele Seymour, Kip Burke, Kathy Dinneweth, Sue Lance, Bonnie Boatwright, Jamie Edmond, Rev. Donnie Berry, JoAnne Hart, Mary Rhodes, Willie Frank Blackburn, Barbara Smith, James Baston, Don Wheatley, Brooke Pearson, Mary Kay Hall, George Dixon, Ivelisse Bolton, David Hilley, and Alex Price.

. “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.”

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