2017-08-17 / Letters

Support of Tiger Band continues with donations from faithful supporters


The W-W Band Boosters have had a change in officers but not in serving our band leader, band students, and reaching the goal of purchasing new marching uniforms. Our new officers are Cassandra Campbell, president; Yasmin Adams, vice president; and Cindy Latty, secretary. If you would like to help the Tiger Band in any way you can contact any of our new officers.

The donations we have recently received are special because they have come during a great need for the band. Not only were donations given for the new uniform campaign but to help us purchase items that were stolen. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Blackmon for making it possible for us to purchase a new deep fryer which will help with profit made from the concession stand. Thank you to the parents and friend of our director Miss Emme Hines, Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hines and Mary Reid Hall, your donations are greatly appreciated.

Thank you to Mrs. Cynthia Walton an employee with Paper Pak Indus- tries who worked tirelessly securing a donation from her employer. We are thankful for the generous donation of $3,000 given by Paper Pak Industries for new band uniforms. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Albertson (pictured above) for your generous donation of $1,000 for new band uniforms and for constantly supporting the music program through the years.

It is worth mentioning the constant support of the Albertson and Blackmon families because they continue lending a hand though their children graduated a while ago. They are truly the example of the few that believe “once a Washington Band Member, always a member.”

We are still raising funds for new uniforms, accepting donations, and selling Tiger merchandise that you can view at our website www.wwtigerband.com. We are still in need of a few items: a cooler with wheels to transport water for the band students, an outdoor tent for shade on the practice field, and a removable ramp to attach to our trailer easing the loading and unloading of xylophones and tubas.

Thank you.

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