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‘Be Kind to Humankind’ week seeks blood donations Aug. 24

The fourth week in August is “Be Kind To Humankind Week.”

Established in 1988, “it is basically a week of reflection and kind thoughts of others to make this world a better place.” Of course, kindness is something many of us express every day to others. Blood donors are people who are “kind to humankind.”

Taking time out of their busy schedules to stop and roll up their sleeves to give blood and blood products to help save lives will gift someone more time with family and friends. Donating blood is an incredible act of kindness!

“Be Kind To Humankind Week” is recognized around the world from August 25-31 each year. Thoughtful Thursday takes place during this week and people are encouraged to “treat others well.”

“Be Kind To Humankind Week” will kick off in Wilkes County on Thursday, August 24, at the Washington Wilkes Community Blood Drive at First United Methodist Church from 2-6 p.m. and “treat others well’ as donors give the gift of life and donate blood.

If you are healthy and well, weigh at least 110 pounds and are at least 17 years old, you are invited to participate in the blood drive. If you are 16 years old, you may donate with a signed parental consent form. Parental consent forms may be downloaded from shepeard blood. org and will also be available at the blood drive. All donors will receive a free Shepeard T-shirt, a free health screening, and post-donation refreshments. Remember to drink lots of water the day before and eat a full meal at least one hour before you donate. Please don’t forget to bring your Shepeard Blood Donor Card or picture ID when coming to donate.

Shepeard would also like to publicly acknowledge and show appreciation to the 29 “heroes” who donated blood at the May blood drive at FUMC. Nineteen units of life-saving blood were collected, thus saving 57 local lives. Thank you to the following people for rolling up their sleeves and giving selflessly:

Christopher Andrews, *Mary Barnett, Wayne Bonertz, Brian Bufford, Susan Bufford, Donna Chafin, *Jimmy Chapman, Martha Harris, *Megan Hester, Benjie Hodges, Bruce Holes, Debbie Jackson, *Cathy Jordan, *Frank Jordan, Warren Klaus, Tommy Klaus, Anita Latimer, Robert Long, William McAvoy, *Abby McGarr, Edward Pope, Donna Price, Rhonda Roberson, Robert Spears, Joan Spears, Annette Spence, Charles Wagner, Elizabeth Wagner, and Nancy Williamson.

* denotes blood donors who attempted to donate blood for the first time with Shepeard Community Blood Center.

Lastly, Shepeard would like to publicly acknowledge and congratulate Donna G. Chafin as a Galloneer donor as of the second quarter of the year. Blood donors earn gallon level status for every gallon (eight pints) of blood that they donate.

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