2017-08-17 / Personalities

Edee Fortson enjoys My Little Pony sixth birthday celebration

Edee Fortson, daughter of Meghan and Adam Fortson, celebrated her sixth birthday on Saturday, August 5, with a My Little Pony party her home.

Squeals of laughter and splashes of fun were made by all of the children as they enjoyed the giant jumpy water slide and kiddie pool.

The carport area was decorated in the My Little Pony theme, with rainbow- colored paper fans hanging from the entrance, a giant rainbow over the snack table, and My Little Pony table coverings with centerpieces.

Edee’s beautifully-decorated cake with My Little Pony figurines was made by her cousin, Casey Geiman of Commerce.

Guests enjoyed hotdogs, chips, and cold drinks, as well as My Little Pony theme snacks that included Apple Jack’s Scootaloo Snacks; Rainbow Pony Tails; Rainbow Dash’s fruit platter; Fluttershy’s Bunny Food; Rarity’s Popular Corn; and Pinkie Pie’s Snack Mix.

Attending with Edee, her little brother AJ, and their parents were grandparents, Kim and Mack Winfrey of Washington, Margaret and Lonnie Fortson of Danburg, Bryan Arnold and Audrey Guest of Crawford, and Tami Arnold of Arnoldsville; great-grandparents, Sandra and Bobby Arnold of Winterville, and Beverly Paradise of Lexington, along with many more family and friends. Very special party “guests” were the family’s newly-adopted birthday puppies, Zippy and Zuma.

The children received My Little Pony theme cups filled with treats and candy as favors.

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