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CWRT will hear about ‘Saving a National Treasure’

Dr. Gordon Jones, the Military Historian at the Atlanta History Center, will present “The Atlanta Cyclorama, Saving a National Treasure” to the Washington Civil War Round Table on Monday, August 28, at 6 p.m. at the Fitzpatrick Hotel in Washington.

The Cyclorama in Atlanta is a magnificent 1886 painting of the Battle of Atlanta that is displayed in a complete large circle. For decades, it has been displayed in Grant Park in Southeast Atlanta along with the steam locomotive engine, the Texas. The Texas is the locomotive that train conductor William Fuller took over to chase down the locomotive, the General. Union spies had stolen the General at a rest stop in Smyrna, Georgia, during Andrew’s Raid, which became known as “The Great Locomotive Chase.” Both of these, the Cyclorama and the Texas, are national treasures.

Mr. Lloyd Whitiker, a native of Greene County, and his wife, Mary Ann, started the effort to move the Cyclorama and the Texas from Grant Park in Southeast Atlanta to the Atlanta History Center, located in the heart of Buckhead, by making a $10 million gift to the effort. Many millions more were raised to finance the restoration, the moving, and the building of the new facility to display these wonderful artifacts of the Civil War.

Because the building that housed the Cyclorama painting in Grant Park was made too small, part of the painting was cut off before it was installed there. The new restoration has this cut-off piece reattached to the main painting. There was also significant damage to the painting that had to be repaired.

Dr. Jones makes a splendid presentation and will explain how this national treasure of Confederate heritage was saved and brought back to its elegant state.

Membership in the Washington Civil War Round Table is open to everyone interested in the War Between the States and new members can join at the meeting.

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