2017-08-31 / Front Page

Pitts announces candidacy for City Council

LANCE A. PITTS LANCE A. PITTS A newcomer to Washington politics, Lance A. Pitts, has qualified for election to a seat representing District Two. He formally announces his candidacy with the following statement.

“To the Citizens of the City of Washington:

“I, Lance A. Pitts, am delighted to officially announce my candidacy for Washington District Two, City Council. I sincerely look forward to representing everyone in Washington fairly. Having said this, I will run a positive campaign, as I will display integrity and honesty in all of my affiliations and interactions. Likewise, I will treat all whom I encounter with the upmost respect. Having been a longtime resident of Wilkes County, I must say that I am proud to be a part of this community. So, I am very passionate about the growth, safety, and development of our town.

“Furthermore, there is an urgent need for us to strengthen the foundation of our community by fervently strategizing on how to bring more jobs to Washington. It is concerning that houses are going up for sale at a much more rapid rate than they are selling. I refuse to believe that this is solely because citizens are fed up with living here. There are a vast percentage of our working citizens who have to seek employment and/ or commute to surrounding counties to support their families. Many who I am familiar with, when I asked why they left, implied that the commute became too expensive; and therefore, it was in their best interest to move closer to where they’re employed. From my perspective, the ultimate pillars of any thriving community are: safety, education, unity, stability, shopping and recreation.

“I perceive the city of Washington to be a very enchanting place with a lot of potential to grow and develop into an even more prestigious community. Therefore, it will be indeed an honor, as well as a great privilege to serve my community on City Council. I solemnly pledge to serve my community by listening openly and attentively to the concerns of all our community members, with the goal of helping to build a stronger, safer, and more united Washington. If you want to see Washington move in a more positive direction that will benefit the overall community, vote for Lance A. Pitts on November 7.

“Thank you and God bless.”

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