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Rainey will seek re-election in District One

KIMBERLY RAINEY KIMBERLY RAINEY Incumbent Washington City Councilman Kimberly Rainey has qualified for re-election to her seat representing District One. She formally announces her candidacy with the following statement.

“Greetings Citizens of District One!

“I am Kimberly J. Rainey, and I seeking re-election for City Council. It has been an honor serving you over the past few years. I am humbled by your confidence in me and it is my sincere desire to continue serving as one of your representatives.

“First, my platform has always been about the quality of life for the children and families of our community. My goal is to continue to make improvements in District One. Yes, I am a team player, but I also want to play on a level playing field. It’s not about District One or District Two; it’s not about black or white; it’s about doing what’s right! If one part of our city fails, the whole city fails. My experience in office has given me the inside track and a close-up look at the real issues and challenges our city is facing. In order to make effective change, we need real leadership. It is time to stop using personal vendettas and personal agendas to shape our city.

“Secondly, the two issues that will have the greatest impact on our quality of life is economic development and public safety. These issues must be our focus if we are going to succeed as a community. When we change the landscape of economic development in our community, we can improve our quality of life. The only way we can decrease our utility costs is to attract and maintain businesses and industries which will also create jobs. The expansion of Hwy 78 will have a huge impact on our community, but it will not solve all our problems.

“We also must support our children with after-school programs and maximize the use of our parks and recreation facility. Focusing on our children will help alleviate some of the public safety issues. The police department should have NEVER been eliminated, but your voices were ignored and the vote was passed. And right now, I don’t have the power to fix it. Therefore, we must support the Sheriff’s Department and develop a new plan of action to ensure the safety of our community.

“I am not a politician, but I am a servant. I plan to reach as many of you as humanly possible over the next few months. I am tremendously blessed to have to opportunity to run for another term. I ask for your prayers, your support and of course your vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.”

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