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Monday is the day that Wilkes County is feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma

 Monday is the day that Wilkes County is feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma really for the first time and early this morning, County Commission Chairman Sam Moore declared Wilkes County under a state of emergency for the next 48 hours.
All day Monday, winds and rain will increase with sustained winds going has high as 35-36 miles per hour and gusting as high as 50+ mph. Rainfall is expected to total 5-7 inches for the period. However, by Tuesday morning most of the serious weather threat will have passed and high winds and rain is expected to decrease fairly rapidly.
Please see the attached slides for detailed information as provided by the National Weather Service through the Wilkes County Emergency Management Agency.
 Residents are urged to secure outdoor furniture (rocking porch chairs, café tables, trampolines, etc.), to make provisions for outdoor pets, and to stay away from large trees and power lines. Wilkes County EMA Director Blake Thompson urges everyone to “hunker down” and use good common sense through Monday night and into Tuesday morning. Those with wells are reminded to fill sinks and bathtubs in order to have a water supply in the event of a power outage.

 Residents are also advised not to call 911 unless there is a real emergency. Call the EMA office (706-678-7837) or Thompson himself (706-319-2237) instead.

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