2017-09-07 / Sports

Stay on your side at football games; gates to be locked

W-W Tiger fans are going to find at least one big surprise at Tiger Stadium this Friday at the 2017 season opener. There won’t be any visiting between sides of the field once the game starts.

As one of some new procedures at football games, new gates at the stadium will prevent spectators from crossing over from one side to the other after the game begins. If you enter the home side, you’ll stay on the home side. Visitors will need to enter on the visitors side.

“We’re just trying to keep the flow around the stadium down ,” Athletic Director Chad Alligood said. “So don’t get caught on the wrong side.”

Also, all seats in the reserved seating section have been sold, so don’t try to sit in a reserved seat if you don’t have a ticket.

Alligood also said spirit T-shirts are on sale at W-WCHS.

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