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Tutt is seeking re-election in District One

MARION TUTT MARION TUTT Incumbent Washington City Councilman Marion Tutt Jr. has qualified for re-election to his seat representing District One. He formally announces his candidacy with the following statement.

“District One Neighbors, I am proud to announce my candidacy for city council re-election on November 7.

“As a native and longtime resident of Washington, I understand the needs and priorities of the city and District One. With this understanding, I have always placed people before politics. My primary focus is on meeting the diverse needs of the community not politically-charged or self-serving motives.

“I possess the experience, problem solving skills, and vision to be a strong advocate for you. During my terms, I have demanded transparency and been a trustworthy steward of public funds. I am proud of my voting record and position on important issues which shows a commitment to improving programs in alignment with budget limitations, protecting infrastructure investments, preventing property tax and utility rate increases, as well as strengthening public health and safety.

“If re-elected, my agenda for the upcoming term will focus on a brighter future for Washington that revolves around economic growth and development as well as public health and safety.

“A key strategy for economic growth and development is to attract more industries and people to reside in our beautiful city. It is imperative that Washington enhances its level of quality and attractiveness as a destination for industry and newcomers. I will push for the consideration of strategies to grow current industries and attract new business such as incentive packages that include special utility rate scales, tax incentives for limited time-frames, as well as the reduction or elimination of outdated fees or zoning regulations. I will also focus on opportunities for workforce development and implementing a strategic plan to attract investments to make downtown a prominent, thriving destination for business and leisure.

“One of the primary responsibilities of city government is to protect and promote the public health and

It is important that residents feel safe where they live, work or spend leisure time, and a strong police presence is essential to community confidence. I will continue the fight to increase the number of uniformed police officers who regularly patrol our neighborhoods to deter and prevent crime. Also, non-profit hospitals like Wills Memorial Hospital provide a vital service in rural communities such as ours. The absence of such a resource would not only present a significant obstacle to residents to receive timely life-saving or emergency services but also impact our city’s ability to attract or retain industry. I will continue to advocate for the city’s sustained role of support as a collaborative partner with Wills Memorial Hospital.

“I have earned the endorsement of several respected community and business leaders within our district and city including but not limited to Willie Burns (former mayor of Washington), local business owner Toombs McLendon IV (McLendon Memorial Funeral Home), and Andrew Jackson (retired principal of Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School).

“To learn more, visit www.votemariontuttjr.com or contact me at votemariontuttjr@gmail.com. I look forward to connecting with you over the next several weeks. With your vote, I will continue to be your independent and effective voice for District One.”

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