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Addie Armour enjoys Mermaid Lagoon party for sixth birthday

Addie Elizabeth Armour, daughter of Audra and Justin Armour, celebrated her sixth birthday with a “Mermaid Lagoon” theme party on Saturday, September 9, by the pool at the home of her great-uncle and aunt, Lyn and Debra Armour.

Addie was dressed in her mermaid swimsuit for the occasion as she welcomed guests to enjoy a special pool party.

The pool area was decorated in an under-the-sea mermaid theme with nets of sea creatures draped over the fences, octopus lanterns, colorful balloons, and tablecloths. Tables were adorned with seashells and starfish.

Guests sang “Happy Birthday” to Addie as they enjoyed a two-tiered mermaid fin cake and homemade chocolate ice cream, cheeseball bubbles, whale crackers, seaweed grapes, sea creature cookies, pretzel stick driftwood, sea snails in shells, and seawater punch.

The children were entertained with a special favor from Addie of bubbles and iced mermaid and seahorse cookies as they departed.

Celebrating with Addie and her parents during her special day were her grandparents, Denise and Tracy Armour of Rayle and Stephanie Chapman of Washington; family and friends, Jackson Armour, Sylvia Walker, Ethan and Taylor Armour, Jack and Rubye Armour, Lyn and Debra Armour, Reese and Whitney Taylor, Knox and Beckett, Lindley Callaway and Sawyer, Samantha Callaway, Emma and Ava, Cody Armour and Bree Long, all of Rayle; Drew Lamar and Blake, Amelia Wheatley and Savannah, Sheila Wheatley and Taylor, Toni Callaway and Emma, April Wheatley and Hally, Chris and Tara Townsend, Garston and Henry, April Guin, Holden and Hadley, Nikki Dawson and Banks, all of Washington-Wilkes; Dashia Cox and Hayden of Tignall; Audrey Goldman, Mark and Becky Goldman, Traci Bussey, Ashleigh, Bussey, Aydan and Madilyn, all of Lincolnton; Wilkes Thomas of Glennville, and Alan and Amanda Winkler of Toccoa.

Addie also shared a joint birthday celebration with her kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lynn Connell on September 20. The class and office staff at Washington-Wilkes Primary School were treated to iced cupcakes, ice cream, cheese balls, and iced sea creature cookies with bubbles as party favors.

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