2017-10-05 / Front Page

Young students learn about escaping a fire at home

Kindergarten students at Washington-Wilkes Primary School have been learning about the importance of fire safety, so firefighter Timothy Wright from the City of Washington Fire Department, along with Lt. Chip Bentley and Deputy Chief Bryan Rogers of the City of Thomson Fire Department, presented a puppet show to all kindergarten students with the help of Frank the Rookie Firefighter. Students learned what to do in case they had a fire in their home. They practiced crawling to a pretend door and touching it with the back of their hands to check for heat. The students learned about the importance of not opening a hot door and learned how to find the nearest escape route, such as a window. They

learned that every family should have a meeting place outside their home, such as big tree in the yard or even a mailbox. Students in Jan Fernandes’ kindergarten class who enjoyed the puppet show and learned a lot in the process were (front, l-r) Dakota Wills, Ethan Hubbard, Levi Youngblood, Sharice Norman, Darien Davis, (middle) Coraleye Morrow, Xander Bourque, Carson Lamar, Mariah Perlote, Kaylee Russell, Savanna Bufford, Angela Aburto, Vianca Orozco, Jayden Samuels, Victoria Soto, (back) Lt. Bentley, Alex Jenkins, Quindarius Milton, Zoey Germany, Frank the Rookie Firefighter (puppeteer Deputy Bryan), Bryson Williams, Maci Gresham, and Fireman Wright.

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