2017-10-12 / Letters

Donations continue to be made; uniform goal could be met soon


We had a great month and we are getting ready for the fall fruit sale if the Florida growers have survived the storm.

The Tiger Band received much support in the month of September! Three of our band students received sponsorships from Rainey-Day Strategies, Norman’s Upholstery Shop, and Mr. and Mrs. Steven Blanton making it possible for them to continue participating in marching band. We are grateful for the donations given to purchase new uniforms by Brian and Nancy Perkins, Kyle and Lenda Morris, Barry and Angela Strother, Peggy Sale, Harper’s Personal Care Home, George and Gladys Pinkston, Larry and Pam Pullen, and Kay Nelms in memory of her band director Richard Bissett. Thank you for your support of the music program and our band students.

We also would like to thank Ashley Barnett for her support during our “Blue-Out” T-shirt sale advertising on Tiger Nation. We are blessed to have the support of the Tiger Club, Coach Alligood, Mr. Wheeler, Mr. Jones, Dr. Caddell, and the many fans that purchased a shirt. Sometimes while on this journey to reaching this goal I have gotten discouraged but looking across from the visitor concession stand and seeing the T-shirts in the stands made my heart smile giving me renewed energy to keep going. So if you would like to make a donation, no amount is too small or too large and will be appreciated.

Look for the fall fruit sale! This could be the fundraiser that makes it all possible to order new uniforms. Because of the positive feedback last year and the enjoyment of the juicy pears, we are continuing our service with Florida Farm Bureau. Couldn’t hear enough compliments about the pears and that not one bad fruit was received. You can stay informed of our fundraisers, competitions, and concerts through our website at wwtigerband.com.

KAT DODSON, treasurer

W-W Band Boosters, Inc.

Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School

1182 Tignall Road

Washington, Georgia 30673

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