2017-10-12 / Letters

‘Every person [at WMH] greeted me with a heartfelt smile’


I would first like to give all praise and thanks to God. Then I would like to extend a warm thank you to the staff of our local hospital, Wills Memorial.

As a longtime citizen of Wilkes County I would like to express my opinion of the great hospital and staff that we have. I was admitted into the hospital not knowing the severity of my illness, but every person that entered my hospital room greeted me with a heartfelt smile and the best bedside service that a patient could ask for.

Although it is a small care center, the staff at Wills Memorial has received the best training in their field, and because of that they are second to none. We, the citizens of Wilkes County, should be very proud of the staff that we have at Wills Memorial to serve us in our times of sickness. While our hospital and staff may be small you will receive first-class care a lot due to the fact that they have fewer patients than larger hospitals. Furthermore, a few of the staff I knew already, but many of them this was our first chance meeting and I can say it was definitely a pleasure meeting in person.

I would just like to say the day I left I did with new friends. In addition to new friends, I would to say thank you to Dr. Johnston and Dr. Mortar for their quick response and accurate diagnosis. Finally I would like to thank every person at Wills Memorial Hospital for their acts of kindness.

LINDA A. DOUGHTY grateful citizen of Wilkes County

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