2017-11-02 / Don't Forget

To the Editor

W-WHF enjoys huge success, again, with new Resthaven Revisited


This year’s production of Resthaven Revisited was a huge success.

I would like to thank all the actors and extras for making this such a memorable night. Your performances and the time that you devoted to this event and raising money for the preservation of Resthaven Cemetery is acknowledged and appreciated.

Therefore, I would like to thank Sharon Vreeland, Rose Weser, Ken Pettay, Ashley Caldwell, Lynn Badger, Sharon McKee, Amy Karamihalis, Colleen Palladini, Bill Slaton, Becky Slaton, Shay Harris, Michael Horgan, Emily Johns, Osmani Pinto, Belinda Peebles, Mike Bennett, Molly Barrow, Jeff Macchia, Nikolas Karamihalis, David Barrow, Anna Grace Peebles, and C. Carol Cartledge.

Special thanks to the First Baptist Church of Washington, Larry Gillespie, and Frank Jackson for getting our tour guests to the cemetery. In addition, Debra Denard, and Carol Jackson, this would have never happened without the two of you. Thank you, also, to The News-Reporter and staff.

Jim McKee, you are the first one to the cemetery and the last one to leave. Thank you for your hard work lighting a very dark cemetery. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. A big thank you to the Washington Little Theater for the lights, as well.

The city officials who attended this year’s production at the City of Washington’s Resthaven Cemetery, were noted and appreciated.

Other thanks go to The City of Washington Street Department, the Wilkes County Sheriff’s Office, Edward Pope Jr. and The Washington Wilkes Historical Foundation Board.

Thank you to all those that have worked on this production in the past.

I would like to especially thank all who attended this year. Your financial support goes to the Resthaven Cemetery Fund, held by the Washington-Wilkes Historical Foundation. This fund is exclusively for Resthaven Cemetery’s repairs and preservation. If you would like to make a tax deductable contribution, you can make your checks out to W-WHF Resthaven Cemetery.


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