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After renovation, Toombs house to re-open this month

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After the roofing was replaced and other renovations have been completed, the Robert Toombs House Historic Site is set to re-open this month. After the roofing was replaced and other renovations have been completed, the Robert Toombs House Historic Site is set to re-open this month. After months of intensive renovations, the Robert Toombs House Historic Site will re-open the week of November 21, with the exception of Thanksgiving Day, November 23.

“It’s back to business as usual until our Christmas program, which will be our official grand re-opening,” Site Curator Marcia Campbell said, noting that the program will take place on Saturday, December 9.

The three-phase renovation project, which began in early summer of this year, has seen repairs and replacements in the form of a new roof and other exterior and interior improvements.

In phase one, a new stone-coated steel roof was installed, and at the time of its construction Campbell explained, “It gives the appearance of wooden shingles from afar. They’ve also done some special design work because of the shape of the roof,” emphasizing that the transitioning between the different wings of the house – constructed at different times – has taken time and careful attention to repair.

The entablature and surrounding area, which is the structure that attaches the northwest column to the northwest corner of the house, was repaired in phase two of the project.

According to Campbell, the state has covered the cost of repairs for phases one and two, however a grant from the Watson-Brown Foundation’s Junior Board has taken care of phase three, which repaired the interior plaster of the home that was damaged due to the leaks from the previous roof, along with other affected areas.

“[The workers] have painted the areas that were repaired to match the walls, and they’ve done a great job,” Campbell said. “We are also currently removing the plastic that’s covering each piece of furniture and cleaning the house and furnishings, which also was a part of phase three.”

With renovations now complete, Campbell further explained that this comes with much rejoicing, because the upstairs of the Toombs House will now be open for touring after six years of having to barricade it off.

Due to the leaks and plaster damage, the topmost level of the home was closed to visitors in 2011 for safety purposes, but now, Campbell explained, “we’ll have the whole house open for tours.”

In light of the reinstatement of the whole house, the curator also noted that this year’s Christmas program will more than likely feature histories of the home and Toombs family, as opposed to a living history program, since every space can now be utilized again.

For more information, the Toombs House office may be reached at 706- 678-2226, Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Likewise, regular updates and upcoming events can be found on the home’s Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/bobtoombssite.

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