2017-11-02 / Front Page

City’s tax bills may have errors; call City Hall to get corrections

As residents and businesses in the City of Washington received their tax bills last week, some may have been surprised and others may be unaware of the possibility that the amounts of their bills could be wrong.

But not to worry, taxpayers can get their bills recalculated just by calling city hall. City Administrator Sherri Bailey issued the following statement early Tuesday morning.

“The City of Washington converted to a new software system in 2017, so this was our first year billing in our new system. As part of the conversion, some tax bills were calculated incorrectly.

“For personal properties with a FMV (fair market value) less than $7,500, there should be no taxes owed. Also, for properties under Land Conservation and properties owned by disabled veterans, those taxes were calculated incorrectly.

“If you received a tax bill in error, or you believe your tax bill is not calculated correctly, please contact Kim Evans at City Hall 706-678-3277. We have corrected many errors and we will be more than happy to assist you. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.”

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