2017-11-16 / Letters

Tigers, you’ve made us proud


We all love to win. It’s human nature. The reality, though, is that winning isn’t the be-all and end-all, in football or in life. Only when we win with honor, by playing fair, by respecting the basic human dignity of our opponents, and playing by rules established for the good of all, can we be truly proud.

Every one of you made me – and our whole community – proud Friday night. You showed discipline, maturity, and restraint in an emotionally charged and challenging situation. You stayed calm in the face of unsportsmanlike conduct in your opponents. You didn’t rise to the bait; you stayed true to yourselves and to our community’s values.

You showed respect for your coaches, and for all of us with the way you played and the way you managed your own behavior in a tough time. The scoreboard is only a tiny part of the win Friday night.

The most important part of what you did Friday night was not putting points on the board – even though I whooped, hollered, and celebrated every one of them – but that you played like the decent, honorable men you are.

Words cannot tell you how proud you make all of us. You are champions on the field, but already proving that you will be champions in life, long after the trophies from these football glory days have begun to gather dust. You are champions in a long, long line of champions. You continue the Washington-Wilkes tradition of sportsmanlike conduct, discipline, hard work, and most importantly, character.

You make all of us proud to wear the blue and gold. Never forget the lessons you have learned and the honor you have brought to this community that loves every one of you!


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