2017-11-23 / Front Page

City’s Christmas tree arrives, is decorated, and ready for season

Getting ready for this Tuesday’s Candlelight Shopping, Snow on The Square, and the annual lighting of Washington’s community Christmas tree, Sam Nunn (up high), Wade Waller (mid-tree), Lester Wolfe (just out of camera range), and others spent a big part of Monday morning stringing lights on the 28-foot tree which was mounted on the south end of The Square.

Rather than disturb the fountain during removal to place the tree in the center of The Square as originally planned, the decision was made to place it in its new location for better visibility for people travelling through town.

Wilkes County school children crafted handmade ornaments from donated materials to decorate the tree and those were added to its splendor in time for Tuesday’s events.

The tree will remain on display throughout the Christmas season for all to enjoy.

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