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It’s hard to find anyone at home on the weekend after Thanksgiving because they’re all shopping. The more money they spend the more money they save. The clerks will always tell you how much you saved. I think it is a shame that Thanksgiving is skipped by so many now because the stores are open on Thanksgiving Day. I say it is skipped because the next day everything is Christmas. Some people put up the Christmas decorations on Thanksgiving Day. I hardly have any time to put out my Thanksgiving decorations before it is time to take them down. I heard someone say that “The new dinner table for Thanksgiving is tailgating in the Best Buy parking lot.”

. The Sunday before Thanksgiving when I did the children’s sermon, I asked the children what they were thankful for. One little boy said he was thankful for his brother who builds things. One of my cute little girls spoke up with, “I’m thankful for McDonald’s.” The others were thankful for family and homes and one was thankful for his dog. Children are not bashful anymore. Therefore, parents cringe when I ask their children questions.

. Enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with Nonie Yochim were Michele and Charlie McAvoy, Luann Morris, Tim, Morgan, John David, Jacob, Will, and Clay Lawson, Dale and Kathy Robertson of Winder, Jessica, Jim, and Jordan Turner also of Winder, Phoebe Davis, and Morgan and Jackie Waters of Buford.

. Holiday guests of Tody Derrick were Laura Ashe, Sarah and Mike Bruschia of Rock Hill, South Carolina, B.K., Lauren, Elle, and Finn Kennedy of Charlotte, North Carolina, Kat Ashe of Providence, Rhode Island, Joe Buonaccorso of Norfolk, Virginia, Mandy and Noah Derrick of Charleston, South Carolina, and Mary Beth Derrick of Atlanta.

. Visiting with Mike and Sharon Derrick were David, Cindy, and Olivia Derrick of Buford, and Michael Derrick of Atlanta. They all joined the guests of Tody Derrick for Thanksgiving dinner.

. Thanksgiving guests of Leon and Linda Aycock were Brian and Tonya Callaway, Pat and Otis Callaway, and Greg and Madeline Callaway. On Friday night of November 17, Linda and Leon Aycock visited with Danny Aycock in Lincolnton.

. Enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with Donald and Peggy Ware were Thomas and Yvonne Albea, Scott, Kathy, and Stacey Ware, and Bobby, Katelyn, and Taylor Howell of Hartwell.

. Spending several days with Rev. Adam and Stephanie Denny was Stephanie’s father, Danny Lyles from Athens, Tennessee.

. Gary and Paula Butts and Louise Harper had Thanksgiving lunch with Ken and Teri Harper in Macon.

. Marjorie Gibson of Dallas spent Tuesday through Thursday of last week with her sister, Peggy Sale. Marjorie and Peggy spent Thanksgiving Day with David and Gloria Sale in Dewy Rose.

. Ralph and Mary Will Denard celebrated Brad Denard’s birthday on Sunday, November 19. Celebrating with them were Shane, Jesse, and Coty Denard. This day was also Tana Banks Kamus’ birthday so they talked to her over the phone from Houston, Texas.

. On Thanksgiving Day guests of Ralph and Mary Will Denard were Brad Denard, Missy Rogers, Shane, Jesse, and Coty Denard.

. Scott, Kathy, and Stacey Ware ate supper Thanksgiving night with Zack, Jennifer, Austin, and Mikey Etheridge in Maxeys.

. Graydon and Pat Bobo spent last week in Bainbridge with family and friends. They had Thanksgiving lunch with family members there.

. Kenneth Huyck from Inman, South Carolina, visited with Albert and Eudora Huyck on Saturday.

. Larry and Pam Pullen hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for 24 family members and friends who had a wonderful fellowship with each other.

. Having Thanksgiving dinner with Richard and Carolyn Gammon were Alex and Kay Tyler, Craig, Sandra, Curt, Kara, and Kaci Gammon, and Gracie Page of Elberton.

. David and Nancy Hilley spent Thanksgiving Day with Stacy, Amanda, Owen, and Warren Hilley in Commerce. David and Nancy visited recently with Mrs. Joanne Prince in Augusta.

. Rev. Wayne Usry filled in at Mallorysville Baptist Church Sunday morning as Rev. Donnie Berry has had surgery.

. I didn’t mention that Jerry Thornton is also a brother to Mary Jacobs who had a booth at the festival. I didn’t see him at the festival and hadn’t seen him in several years so I forgot about Jerry. I send my apologies to Jerry. After working on the festival for two days and then having to write about it the next day put me under a lot of pressure so I have an excuse for being so forgetful. I will try to have a better memory, but that may be impossible at my age.

. Don’t forget the Tignall Christmas parade next Sunday, December 3. We want participation from everyone… if you can’t be a part of the parade, come watch the parade. The band will be participating as well as Santa on a fire truck. Parades put us all in a Christmasy mood.

. I attended three funerals over the last week of three remarkable women. When I attended Linda Albea’s funeral it was like a retired teacher reunion. It showed how much she meant to the teachers of Wilkes County Schools. She taught my son and retired the same year that I retired. Next I attended another teacher’s funeral and that was the funeral for Edna Lamar. She was the oldest member of Tignall Baptist Church. She had taught many people in Wilkes County and had taught the senior adult Sunday School Class at Tignall Baptist for many years. She was a great leader in our church. Then on Sunday I attended the funeral for probably the oldest lady in the Tignall area. Louise Smith was an icon of Tignall living to the age of 103 years old. She was a quiet and gentle woman who raised four boys along with her husband Mr. Charlie and never complained. One of her grandsons spoke about going to the grocery store with her when she was in her 90s. He said she said she was having problems with her knee and he suggested getting a scooter for her. She said, “No, that is for old people! Just get me a buggy to lean on.” I was not able to attend Bobby Blakey’s funeral but he will always be known for his awesome gardening. Many people bought tomatoes and other vegetables from him each year.

. We extend sincere sympathy to the families of Linda Albea, Edna Lamar, Bobby Blakey, and Louise Smith.

. Let’s keep the following people in our prayers this week: Tody Derrick, Norris Ware, Betty Reese, Jonathan Ray, Bobby Wilson, Kay Fincher, Sheila Armour, Rev. Donnie Berry, Carolyn Smith, James Echols, Ricky Thornton, Jean Echols, Terri Jordan, Nanci Faulk, Vernilla Clark, J.C. Clark, Turner McGarity, Becky Dixon, Duane White, Rev. Donnie Berry, Steve Blackmon, Jerry Wilson, Wadine Cosby, Ellyn Bunch, Walter Branham, Marc Hammond, Karen Newsome, Jeannie Harper Carter, Kathryn Anderson, Debbie Lindsey, Mary Katherine Dyson, Adele Seymour, Kathy Dinneweth, Bonnie Boatwright, Jamie Edmond, Mary Rhodes, Willie Frank Blackburn, Barbara Smith, James Baston, Brooke Pearson, Mary Kay Hall, George Dixon, Ivelisse Bolton, David Hilley, and Alex Price.

. “Live in the present, look forward to the future, and refuse to be dominated by the past.”

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