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Christmas Tour of Homes set to include 8 homes, art show

The Washington-Wilkes Historical Foundation’s Christmas Tour of Homes is set for this weekend, December 8-9 starting with a party and desserts on Friday, and the tour itself and an art show on Saturday.

The tour’s first art show will be held at three venues: The Court Street Livery on West Court Street, the Connely Gallery on the east side of The Square, and the Parker Studio on Liberty Street at the old Wilkes Mill and Feed location.

Homes featured on the 2017 tour include Belmont (1022 Tignall Road); the Tupper-Barnett House (101 West Robert Toombs Avenue) which will include a tour of the ground floor currently under restoration; Wisteria Hall (225 East Robert Toombs Avenue); Chantilly at Brookhill (930 Spring Street); Berry Cottage (420 East Robert Toombs Avenue); Firefly Cottage (East Robert Toombs Avenue); Nancy’s Cottage (518 North Alexander Avenue); and Rosie’s Cottage (418 East Robert Toombs Avenue). Additional sites included in this year’s tour are the Washington Historical Museum, The Robert Toombs House Historic Site, Callaway Plantation, the Presbyterian Church, the Episcopal Church of the Mediator, and the Mary Willis Library.

The Christmas Party will kick off Friday, December 8, at Merry Oaks on North Alexander Avenue followed by the Louise Maynard Dessert Soiree at the Washington Woman’s Club immediately after.

On Saturday, December 9, the tour will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. Tickets are currently available at the Washington Historical Museum (308 E Robert Toombs Avenue, Washington. 706-678-5001) or online at HistoryOfWilkes.org.

All proceeds from the tour will go toward the publication of a comprehensive guide to Wilkes County graves and cemeteries.

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