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‘Seasons of Preservation’ open house will showcase renovations at Toombs

After months of intensive renovations, the Robert Toombs House will have its official reopening for Tour of Homes weekend with the presentation of “Seasons of Preservation,” slated for Saturday, December 9, from 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

During this heartwarming season, the community is invited to join the Robert Toombs House’s “family and friends” for an opportunity to learn about historic preservation, but more specifically the historic preservation that’s taken place at the Toombs House.

“We really want to highlight some of the renovations that have been completed at the Toombs House over the years with this presentation,” Emily Johns, Toombs House staff member, said.

This special exhibit will include antique tools, before and after construction photos of the many renovations conducted at the historic site, and historic foods.

During the tour, designated guides will be present to answer questions, as well as to interpret the preservation accomplishments and the site’s rich history.

Just before the Thanksgiving holiday, the Toombs House reopened unofficially at the completion of a three-phase renovation project that began in early summer of this year, which successfully saw the installation of a new stone-coated steel roof, accompanied by special design work; plaster repair and painting; along with other exterior and interior upgrades.

While this may have been the most recent of projects conducted at the site, years worth of renovations will also be showcased during the tour.

“So often when guests come in all they see is this beautiful house, but they don’t always consider the work that’s gone into its upkeep over the years,” Johns said. “With this tour we don’t want people to just appreciate what we have now, but to understand all that’s been done for it to be in this condition, so it’s not so much a program with historical reenactments, but it will be more educational.”

Johns explained that she is anticipating a day full of relaxed, yet informative tours that will spotlight the many – but always necessary – upgrades to the Toombs House.

“Whether you are young or young at heart, a history buff, or just out for an entertaining activity, ‘Seasons of Preservation’ is a tour that everyone can enjoy,” Johns said.

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