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What kind of fun is it to send e-mails to people one doesn’t know? I keep getting messages on how to get all my hair back for the holidays. I haven’t lost it yet. I keep feeling to see if I’m missing some. These people are wasting their time, unless they are chuckling over this. Laughter is good for everyone so maybe they are getting something out of this and I hope it helps them feel better. I remember kids years ago calling people and asking if their refrigerator was running or if their garden was growing. Oh, what fun they had doing that! No, that was not me.

. When sitting in a restaurant last week there was a couple sitting close to us and the lady was on her phone the entire time she was eating. She was very loud so that everyone could hear what she was saying. This is what she was saying, “Can you hear me now? I can hear you.” That was almost the entire conversation. Don’t people see how rude it is to carry on a conversation with someone when you have another person sitting at the table with you? This is when you should get up and go outside to finish that important conversation. As we drive down streets we see people crossing the street and every one of them is looking at their phones and scrolling. They don’t see anything else. I can see where there may be lots of accidents while this is going on. If I did that I would get lost and be in the wrong place. I can’t look at my phone and cross a street at the same time or do anything else for that matter. I think cell phones are the cause of many wrecks.

. When I attended a teacher sorority meeting in Harlem Saturday I met someone who is moving to Tignall. At this meeting there was a Christmas auction. One lady from Greene County had painted on a piece of old wood and it was beautiful. I just shouted out (as I usually do) “you need to come to our Tignall fall festival!” Another lady from Harlem shouted out, “You live in Tignall?” Of course I told her yes and she said, “My daughter is moving to Tignall. She and her husband bought the Wiggins farm.” Well I just got real busy finding out all about her and her family and have her already thinking about signing up to be a member of the North Wilkes Steering Committee and subscribing to The News-Reporter. The only thing is I can’t tell their names yet because of their jobs they now have. I can just say one thing about her husband…he is six feet and nine inches tall. So be looking for a very tall man around Tignall.

. Ginny Thornton did the children’s sermon Sunday morning and she told the children about the wish book, the Sears and Roebuck Christmas Catalog with all the toys in it that we used to have as a child. She brought a Toys R Us catalog to show them. She said she always circled the toys she wanted. When my granddaughters were around four years old they were both in my lap pointing to the things they said they need from a Christmas catalog. If one of them said it first the other couldn’t say the same thing or they would fight over it. They ended up tearing the pages of the book and scraps of the catalog were flying and I was trying to keep them away from each other. In other words there was a fight going on in my lap. They were crying, my blood pressure had spiked, and the catalog was torn up. So a Christmas catalog is a dangerous item to have around more than one child.

. Visiting and having lunch with Daisy Parker Sunday were Jen and Patrick Hammond of Madison. Roy Harrison also had lunch with them.

. Spending the weekend with Danny Blakey was his brother, Randy Blakey, of Valdosta. While he was visiting they went to see Jack Armour in Rayle. Jack Armour was Randy’s Little League coach when they were on the Rotary Club team. They won the championship that year.

. Linda Aycock and Vivie Ann Wilson visited with Rev. Donnie and Chris Berry Thursday. Donnie is recuperating from a surgery.

. Those teachers and retired teachers from Wilkes County who attended their meeting of Alpha Theta Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Saturday at the Harlem Library were Daphne Albertson, Pauline Bell, Beth Conard, Carolyn Gam- mon, Mary Lois Newsome, Cindy Russell, Sarah Smith, and Carol Souther. Columbia County members hosted this meeting with a delicious brunch before the meeting started. Sarah Smith was initiated as a new member of Alpha Theta. The annual Christmas auction was enjoyed as usual. Georgia Bulldog items and the home baked cakes received the highest bids.

. Members of Tignall Baptist Church were blessed Sunday with Jim Caddell singing “Oh Holy Night.” We always love to hear him sing.

. We extend sincere sympathy to the families of Tiffany Norman and Franklin Payne.

. Let’s keep the following people in our prayers this week: Lillie Davis, Ernest Lamar, Andy Perryman, Rebecca Echols, Jean Parker, Tody Derrick, Jen Parker Hammond ( has broken bones from a wreck), Marjorie Sale Gibson (Had a fall while on a tour in Memphis and broke her hip), Tana Kamas (Ralph & Mary Will Denard’s granddaughter), Norris Ware, Betty Reese, Jonathan Ray, Bobby Wilson, Kay Fincher, Sheila Armour, Rev. Donnie Berry, Carolyn Smith, James Echols, Ricky Thornton, Jean Echols, Terri Jordan, Nanci Faulk, Vernilla Clark, J.C. Clark, Turner McGarity, Becky Dixon, Duane White, Steve Blackmon, Jerry Wilson, Wadine Cosby, Ellyn Bunch, Walter Branham, Marc Hammond, Karen Newsome, Jeannie Harper Carter, Kathryn Anderson, Debbie Lindsey, Mary Katherine Dyson, Adele Seymour, Kathy Dinneweth, Bonnie Boatwright, Jamie Edmond, Mary Rhodes, Willie Frank Blackburn, Barbara Smith, James Baston, Brooke Pearson, Mary Kay Hall, George Dixon, Ivelisse Bolton, David Hilley, and Alex Price.

. “People who sing their own praises often find themselves singing a solo.”

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