2017-12-07 / News

Top citizens get recognition

Washington-Wilkes Primary School has announced its Citizens of the Month for November who were recognized for showing respect throughout the month. Students often used quiet voices and nice words on the bus, followed directions and waited their turn in the classroom, and stayed in their spaces in the hall. Citizens were awarded “brag tags,” a McDonald’s Happy Meal coupon, and recognition at school and here in The News-Reporter.

Kindergarten students chosen were (top photo, l-r) Samaria Grant for Jackie Davis, Taylor Johnson for Julia Anne Holloway, Jordan Anderson for Lynn Connell, Karen Chavez for Mary Elizabeth Burdette, Riley Grimaud for Nicki Dawson, and Maci Gresham for Jan Fernandes.

First grade students chosen were (second photo, l-r) Malaysia Franklin for Tiffani Andrews, Marlee Davis for Beth Lamar, Christopher Gates for Crystal Jackson, Javon McCarty for Melanie Forehand, and Michael Ramirez for Julie Driggers.

Second grade students chosen were (third photo) A’Myrah Turner for Wanda Jackson, Conner Whitney for Jessica Echols, Kammeron Hogan for Leslie McAvoy, Avery Gaddy for Mary Lois Akins-Newsome, Zuriell Villagorda for Carol Souther, and Crystal Chavez for Tina Lewis.

Third grade students chosen were (bottom photo) Brandon Martin for Yakira Banks, Armond Acree for Elizabeth Lunceford, Danilyn Wright for McCall Chadwick, La’Bria Moss for Whitney Richards, Kate Johnston for Sarah Wheatley, and Treasure Harrison for Sandra Gammon.

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