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Let’s get support in the senate

Great strides for Georgia’s rural hospitals were recently made in the House of Representatives with the passage of a bill which would allow for a 100 percent tax credit for Georgians who choose to designate their state income taxes to be used by one of those hospitals.

Wills Memorial Hospital is one of those hospitals.

But even though there is good reason to believe the measure will become law, the battle is not over and opponents could still succeed in its defeat. The last hurdle is the Georgia Senate and we urge you to contact Wilkes County’s Senator, Lee Anderson, and likewise urge him to support the bill.

The survival of Wills Memorial is critical to Wilkes County and this bill has been shown to be the best solution for providing that survival. What’s more is that the hospital, confident in the bill’s passage, is ever looking to the future to provide new care and services for its patients.

Director of Community Relations Susan D. Pope reports:

“We are working diligently to bring new services/revenue streams to the hospital including:

. NavCare Chronic Care Management,

. Serenity Behavioral Health in the Specialty Clinic,

. Meridian Pulmonary Rehab, and

. In-house mobile mammography.

In the meantime, tax credit contributions will be our ‘life-line.’ Please encourage anyone that you know who pays Georgia State Income taxes to divert them to our hospital through GeorgiaHeart.org.”

A sample letter to Sen. Anderson is printed below for your convenience and consideration. Send your letter through the post office to:

Senator Lee Anderson

325-B Coverdale Legislative Office Building

Atlanta, GA 30334

. Or by email to: Lee.anderson@senate.ga.gov. Dear Senator Anderson:

As you know, HB 827 will increase the rural healthcare income tax credit from 90 percent to 100 percent. This is a potential life saver for our local hospital, Wills Memorial. By moving the program to the 100 percent setoff level, we believe that we will have an excellent opportunity to raise over $1 million annually for our hospital.

Tracie Haughey, our Wills Memorial CEO/CFO has publically stated numerous times that Wills needs annual public support in the million-dollar range to continue to be economically viable. It would be devastating to our local economy to lose our hospital. The income tax credit program is a viable path for survival and can potentially avoid an ad valorem tax increase for hospital support.

Please throw your considerable support and influence behind the senate version of HB 827 and help us take this vital program to the 100 percent level. It is our local hospital’s lifeline and your support will not be forgotten and will be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, (signed)

For our hospital, take a few minutes to send one.

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