2018-04-12 / News

The Benefits of School Gardens

There are many benefits to growing a school garden. Many of these benefits come with having fresher and better food at lunch, a healthier lifestyle for the entire student body, and children learning more about growing fruits and vegetables. I believe that my school should implement a garden growing program to better the school and the students in it.

To begin with, growing a school garden would provide better food for students AND teachers at lunch. Often, I observe students not eating at lunch, due to lack of interest in the food. If we grew a school garden, there would be healthier, more organic food open to students and teachers at lunch. Cafeteria workers could provide not only healthier options, but tastier ones too! That way, students would be eating better and enjoying the food more frequently.

Furthermore, growing a school garden could get children healthier. The American Heart Association states, “About one in three American children is obese or overweight.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of children, if you think about the number of children in America! Growing a school garden would be a great way to get students motivated to get on track to a healthier lifestyle.

Lastly, students involved in growing the school garden could further their education in gardening. As an incentive, the school could offer extra credit for students that help with the garden. Children involved could then go home and grow their own garden with the new information that they have obtained. Growing a school garden would provide an abundance of information for students about getting healthier!

In conclusion, growing a school garden is an excellent way to make lunches better, in turn making students healthier, and providing the student body with information over how to grow a garden with healthy fruits and vegetables!

(Sources cited: http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Healthy Living/ HealthyKids/ChildhoodObesity/ Overweight- in- Children UCM 304054 Article.jsp#.WgHNFGiPldU)

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