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Voters in Tuesday’s Primary Election will choose candidates in all state, district, and local levels

Wilkes County voters are preparing to cast their ballots in the General Primary/Nonpartisan Election set for Tuesday, May 22. However, for many, early voting is still currently underway.

In the primary, electors must vote a straight ticket, meaning they must choose either a Democratic or Republican ballot. Voters may cross party lines in the General/Nonpartisan Election that will be held November 6.

Many candidates are running on nonpartisan, Republican, and Democratic tickets for the General Primary. Nonpartisan candidates will be listed on both Republican and Democratic ballots.

In Wilkes County, incumbents are running unopposed in all local races including Sam Moore for chairman of the Wilkes County Board of Commissioners, Charles Jackson for District 3 commissioner, Clem Slaton for District 4 commissioner, Horace Jordan for Board of Education District 1, and Dann Standard for Board of Education District 2.

In Wilkes County District 2 State Representative Tom McCall is running unopposed for House District 33.

For House District 120, incumbent Republican Trey Rhodes has opposition from Democrat Charles Hogg. However, since party voting is separate in the primary, voters will not have to make that choice until the General Election in November.

On the Democratic ballot will be four non-binding questions.

1. Should the sale and distribution of bump stocks be prohibited in the state of Georgia?

2. Should Georgia pull down our federal tax dollars to save rural hospitals and create more than fifty thousand jobs by expanding Medicaid?

3. Should Georgia allow voters to elect our own representatives by amending our Constitution to place the power of drawing district lines under the authority of an independent, non-partisan commission?

4. Should Georgia alleviate traffic congestion, reduce carbon emissions, and better connect communities by investing a substantial amount of existing tax dollars in mass transit?

Sample non-partisan, Democratic, and Republican ballots are on pages 14-15 of this issue.

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